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Zalman Z11 Plus Mid Tower Case Review

Zalman’s Z11 Plus MId Tower is their upgrade to the Z9 Plus, which we took a look at about a year ago.  Zalman takes some of the features of the Z9 Plus and adds to it and gives it a little bit of a make over.  The new Z11 plus features a futuristic look, 5 included fans with room for up to 7, USB 3.0 support, and support for 2.5-inch hard drives.  The case is selling for only $84.99, so is it a steal? Will this case put Zalman back on the map when it comes to PC cases? Read on to find out!

Special thanks to Zalman for providing us with the Z11 Plus Mid Tower to review.

– Front Mesh Cover for High Cooling Performance
– Supports up to 7 System Fans
– Zalman’s Powerful HDD Cooling Solution
– Top Air Vent Exhaust/Tuning
– Side-Panel Acryl Tuning
– Supports Dual USB 3.0 Ports
– Dust Filters for Front and Bottom of System and PSU
– Supports Bottom PSU Installation and Aperture for Cable Management
– Black Interior Coating
– Spacious Interior for 290mm Card Installation
– Tool Free HDD Installation with Anti-Vibration Rubber
– Separate Apertures for Convenient CPU Cooler Installation

The Zalman Z11 Plus comes in a pretty plain box.  The back and the front are the same with a picture of the case and a list of features.  On the side of the box you have a list of specifications.

Zalman Z11 Plus Mid Tower Case Zalman Z11 Plus Mid Tower Case

To show you exactly how the Z11 Plus comes and a brief overview check out our unboxing and overview video below.

Bob Buskirk
the authorBob Buskirk
About 10 years of computer experience. Been messing around with electronics since I was 5, got into computers when I was in highschool, been modding them ever since then. Very interested in how things work and their design.
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  • Brechan Fraser

    I have to agree with Bob here; I went straight to the “Final Thoughts” after getting to the point that there wasn’t native 2.5″ HDD support, at a price of $85, there are more than a few better cases floating around the online stores (that include USB 3.0 motherboard connectors).

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  • Frupoli

    Hi to everyone. I own a Zalman Z9 Plus (similar to this Z11) and I have to say:

    >> Weird that the fans use different connectors
    I’m DOUBLE WEIRD and agree with Bob. Why to use different connectors? It does not make sense to me! Could use a double version connector, molex & 3-pin. Bad choice for a good chassis (in my opinion).  

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  • Pros:
    – Futuristic design
    • Amazing desing of the case that’s why I’ve bought it + great cable management
    – 5 included cooling fans
    • my pc runs so cool 
    – USB 3.0 support
    • Why they didn’t made USB 3.0 internal ? =/
    – CPU power cable opening is partially blocked
    • yes, but guys to put correctly the 8 pin cpu atx connector, disconnect the 4+4 to 4 pin pass it and the second 😉
    – Not a lot of room on the backside of the case
    • Hell yes it’s true but when you do a better cable management it closes correctly
    – Weird that the fans use different connectors
    • yes but when you don’t have enought connectors on your motherboard and can’t buy a fan controller it’s a good idea

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  • agon

    weird to see the usb 3.0 cables on the back I was so unhappy to see them there. I did some research and I found a 20 pins usb 3.0 header to a female usb 3.0 ,still waiting to receive it hopefully I will be able to connect the front usb 3.0 directly to the motherboard inside

  • firot

    bottom psu vent is not enough. my psu fan making noise when im install the psu downwards. i check the bottom and back of the psu with my hand and i dont feel any air flow at all, even psu fan is running at full speed. when i rotate the psu upwars sound disappeared. and i can feel the airflow from the back of the psu.

  • Brechan Fraser

    Noise coming from your PSU has nothing to do with which way your PSU is facing (up or down), just means your PSU fan is slowly dying.

    You can do 1 of 2 things; get a new fan for your PSU (cheapest way), or buy a new PSU (from a reputable company).

  • firot

    its a brand new psu from zalman. noise coming from psu fan under load because of the poor design of bottom vent.

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