Saturday, February 24, 2018

What Ever Happened To Gateway?

Starting in 1985, Gateway 2000 was the original moniker of Gateway computers. Shipped in Holstein cow markings boxes to accent the rural roots of the Iowa based company, it was supposed to be the greatest computer company of the upcoming century. And Gateway was indeed that…a record breaking company with an instantly recognizable identity. Eventually, the 2000 was dropped from the name, and it became a commonly recognized computer company.

Operating as a phone order company only was beginning to seem obsolete, so the opening of retail stores in 1989 to accentuate the growth of Gateway was the next reasonable step. Success followed this action and in 1998 Gateway was large enough to move corporate offices from Iowa to California and join the technology base and wisdom of the Silicon Valley. However, the dot-com boom and subsequent bust did not treat Gateway very well and they suffered huge losses. Outsourcing to China and Mexico kept them afloat and although they struggled they did acquire eMachines in 2004 to start making a name in the laptop industry. Gateway had already set precedents in the desktop offerings by being the first to offer color monitors as standard equipment and 3 year warranties on their products.

Gateway still produces laptop and desktop computers, but they dropped their offshoot of plasma televisions and other electronics. This may make them seem archaic because they only offer computers, but since 2007 when Acer acquired Gateway, they have still managed to hold a larger market share than Apple. Gateway currently produces laptops that range in price from $400 – $1100 and desktops that range from $700 to $1200. They have stayed up to date with technology and offer notebooks, all in one desktop, or the traditional tower packages. Customization is available and they are also in the forefront with touch screen technology. So, Gateway is still around and offering quality products.

Gateway no longer offers direct sales on their website; it has been more profitable for them to sell indirectly through big box electronic stores and online through retailers. They have kept production costs lower than many competitors, yet, still produce a very good product. Gateway has taken their money and invested it within the company, concentrating on keeping the market share above Apple and not stressing about being beat out by Dell and HP. Advertising is expensive, so they remain, they are just quieter. Brand loyalty is amazing.

The author of this article, Louis Rossmann is a straight shooting tech guy who specializes in repair and LCD replacement. Contact him through his Rossmann Supply website.

  • Gateway was able to hold a larger market share than Apple? It seems very impressive.

  • Jae

    shut the heck up you stupid idiot

  • Sean McCartin

    That was uncalled for.

  • Jae

    Because you’re a horribly, mean, cruel & brutal bully.

  • Jae

    Im not a fan of bullies

  • Sean McCartin

    Funny you say that, because you’re the one doing the bullying. All I did was point out that you don’t need to randomly insult people.

  • Dan Lund

    Jae, the insults and demands to shut up are intolerable.

  • Jae

    I DEMAND you to shut the heck up NOW!!!!
    You squirmy little weasel. I’ll drop a smelly deuce down your throat.

  • Mark

    What happened to Gateway. Hmm… Well the truth is Ted Waite sucked out all the $$ before the big drop and screwed all his employees. His illegal trading should have landed him in jail. As he was giving his employee’s $80 per share stock options, he(and his management minions) was selling his out from underneath them making them worthless. Complete joke. And when Gateway was making a ton of $$, they spent it like childish fools on BS. Completely foolish management that didn’t even see what they had and now you see companies like Apple copying that model with their stores and sales through them. What happened to Gateway?? Greed.

  • mellowfella

    Chill, fool!

  • The D will TRUMP Clinton

    and your expertise on this is? Did you work for the company or are you assuming based on things you “heard”?

    I really dont care about corporate america as they are all full of greed and not many take the social resposibilty that they should….and this is coming from a republican capitalist…..

    But, I do know i still have my Gateway from about 8 years ago and it still works better than some newer computers I have and I use it daily for my business…..So, I would say they did something right.

  • The D will TRUMP Clinton

    Jae, your the punk ass bully that wouldn’t know what to do if you were to try and say those words to someones face…..your just hiding behind your anonymous keyboard. Bring it bully, i wont stand down to you.

  • Jae

    It’s ”you’re”, not ”your”, moron. And I was just kidding around. But I definitely am not a bully and have had my share of fights, trust me.

  • Mark

    I worked for the Company thank you and was left with with a bunch of useless options that they knew weren’t going to amount to anything. Not just me, but EVERYONE in the company got them. Ted Wait was a selfish prick and pretty much ruined the company selling out the way he did. Plus, the corporate thugs he had in power after his hiatus was another bad choice. They spent all the profits flying everyone to California, Texas, Idaho,… for useless meetings. So yes… I know first hand. He should have been jailed for what he did.

  • GoodPeople

    I worked for Gateway as well in 1999 in North Sioux City SD in Customer Service and my ex husband worked the IT department in the same facility. I couldn’t agree with you more Mark, Gateway (Ted) got greedy and screwed all the people who helped him build that company.

  • Mark Dathorne

    That is a real shame. My 1st laptop was from Gateway and it lasted a long time. Quality product.

  • Nope

    What really happened is they produced junk, so they never had repeat business and ended up with a horrible reputation. I still remember when our gateway was malfunctioning and they sent a technician who managed to literally blow up the computer with smoke and fire.

  • Sean McCartin

    That’s an anecdotal account. I could just as easily say that Gateway was the best brand of computer because my best computers, baring home-built rigs, were Gateways. And this is comparing them to a lineup of Dells, an Acer, a Sony Vaio, an IBM and an ASUS.

    Heck, I’m posting this right now on a Gateway FX-6840 that I first purchased back in 2011 and continued to upgrade over time.

  • Mark

    That was the good thing about Gateways that Dell, IBM, Acer, HP etc.. all went away from… you could upgrade them and use 3rd party parts. Dell was selling shit long before Gateway went under. Plus, Dell used to pay off IT personnel in Govt and businesses which was illegal and they should have been brought up on bribe charges.

  • Mark

    What he did was criminal without a doubt. He sold off approx 1 billion dollars of stock in a year and I can’t believe he wasn’t investigated. Oh well… Life moves on but Gateway should still be around if he wasn’t a greedy prick. They had a good thing but were run by idiots.

  • Mark

    Thats bullshit. Dell, HP, IBM PC’s and Hardware was all proprietary over priced shit. Trust me, I used to work for gateway and go into the fortune 500 companies, colleges and military bases and very few of them liked their product. Many IT guys were bought off with free shit all the time and is the only reason why these big computer guys are still around. Gateway product was the only one out of the 4 that still allowed someone to upgrade the PC using 3rd party parts. Dell was probably the worst at that.

    Wait got greedy period. He cashed out and put thousands of people out of business for no reason.

  • Art Anderson

    I just tripped across this thread from Googling to see who made Gateway monitors. I used to build up my own boxes, much better than any off the shelf Dell, HP or IBM or ecchhh, Pine. That said, a Gateway total desktop in a box had the most features I needed when my only choice of retailer was the local Costco (another story, urgent replacement, not my money, had to be from Costco to use points or something, etc.)
    The sucker is still going strong since December 2011, nary a hick-up. I thought for sure I would have replaced it by 2014. I know the MB is a Gigabyte and I know the model. The BIOS looks to be unhindered. I’m about to install an ASUS GTX750i to help out with Adobe Premiere because it’s only a Quad Core CPU. We’ll see how that goes.
    The other brands mentioned, for sure were always a pain to service the guts, the BIOS locked down to bare essentials and the number of specific device drivers to download if reformatting, OMG. I must have set up a skid load of those boxes in my time for a small retailer and they were always a dead end, PITA.
    Acer has gotten a little better I’ll grudgingly admit. I say that because they initially didn’t make anything and used so many sources you could never get support because the components changed so often, things became obsolete within a single model and you’d be chasing down model numbers and device drivers for non-existent parts, according to Acer.
    I read an internal trade magazine interview with the CEO in Taiwan? and his sole bragging and focus was the profits they were raking in, talking like customers were basically marks making the company rich.

  • GoFuckyourself

    You were a faggot 2 years ago, and you’re probably a mingy little piss pot now.

  • Judy

    Wow Mark, it’s nice to read someone who actually worked at Gateway during it’s golden years, and the decline. It’s interesting to hear that Ted wasn’t a stand up guy for his own company. It’s a shame. I really enjoyed his story of starting his business in a barn and sticking to building his computers right here in gold ol’ U.S.A.
    I have a Gateway 2000 P5-75 with a Pentium 120Mhz, 128 MB of RAM (which when I purchased it in 1995, it only came with 8….I was amazed that I could upgrade it to 128 which was the standard in about 2004), had a SoundBlaster Soundcard and was called a “Multi-media PC” with it’s CD-ROM drive etc.
    I love that computer. The computer still works flawlessly when I’m feeling nostalgic. The Gateway 2000 Crystalscan 14 CRT monitor still works too, as does the original keyboard and mouse.
    What a shame that Gateway sold out, and now it’s just a shell of it’s formal self. It’s just a name now, everything about it is China, China, China made like everything else. Shame on Ted for not taking care of his company and letting Greed destroy what he built. Everyone has a character flaw, and if left unattended it always results in their downfall. In this case, greed.

  • Nic

    does gateway still exist in 2017?

  • Jon

    Maybe Jae’s actually referring to the company as a bully… After all they WERE THE BULLY. Great service, great store, great phone support, and best of all a GREAT product!!! I had a BALL with my Win98 PC back in ’99. Had so many features, nice specs, nice BLOATWARE even. So ^ Up yours Ted Fuck YOU

  • OccidentalDude

    The brand still exists, or at least there are still a few websites selling the remaining stock.

  • Nic

    well if it has windows 8.1 on it it must be older and not BRAND NEW

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