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Thermaltake Versa N21 Case Review

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Thermaltake Versa N21 Mid-Tower Case
Case Type: Mid-Tower
Full Box Size: D 580 x W 235 x H 535 mm
Model No#: CA-1D9-00M6WN-00 White
UPC: 841163-06330
MSRP: $59.99 US Dollars on Amazon Prime

The Versa Line from Thermaltake has been around for a while now and they have been a great mainstay in the budget computer building scene. Their combination of great design, grade A measurement tolerances and budget-minded design has made the Versa series a serious product for the builder that wants lots of class without spending too much money for it. There are few things that are cheap about these low budget cases and that is why Thermaltake is taking a real lead in the computer Enthusiast and parts market.

In this Review, we will be looking at the Thermaltake Versa N21 Mid-Tower case. As a side note, I actually asked to do a review of this case as it fit perfectly a theme for an upcoming build I have been wanting to complete. I looked through almost a hundred cases before deciding on this case and I didn’t decide this case for the price. It had the look and feel of the Theme that I needed and I love doing case mods so I am really excited about this review and building in this case and it seems to be everything I needed for this particular build.

The Thermaltake N21 has very classy lines and while the case is made for many different applications I found the case to be great for modding. It is overbuilt on the Frame so this allows me as an Enthusiast to cut instead of adding portions to the case that I need. This makes it easier to build in as I don’t need to engineer parts to make my theme a reality. The paint is well done in the Arctic White and the inner chassis is painted black with no overspray or under-spray. This makes it easier for the builder also since we don’t have to redo a paint job that should have been done correctly at the factory.

One thing that I really didn’t like was the back PCI slots that are the knock-out variety but this is a problem that I can live with. As I will be installing premium PCI covers later in my mod. This may seem like a bad thing but considering the price, this is really the only downside that I have seen with this case other than some airflow restrictions that I will be dealing with later during my building progress. “GO DREMEL!” For now, with this review, I will be building in the case as-is and working with the parts supplied to finish out the build.

The inner structure is not as thin as some that I have reviewed in the past but is light weight. The outer finish of the case all matches between the White molded plastic pieces and the painted panels. The panels are well painted both inside and out with plenty of colors and no errors that I have seen with my Review Sample.
Specifications Versa N21

Derek Smith
the authorDerek Smith
Derek has been a computer enthusiast since the mid 80's. He has owned all types of computers from The Commodore 128, Mac, Intel, AMD, Radeon and NVidia. Derek has been Modding computer's for almost a decade and built over 45 computer builds. Derek has been a Novelist and a Creative Writer for a decade and loves to do Reviews and anything with computers. Derek is retired from self employed business and enjoys all Christian Studies and loves new innovative designs and machines.
  • AdikRahman

    Awesome review man!!! I’m planning on buying this. This helps a lot

  • Enigma8750

    Thank you, AdikRahan… It is always nice to get feed back on my work. I appreciate the compliment and I really have a taste of helping builder out with my thoughts of the cases no matter what the price. I think this a really great case for the Price Range and the only reason I gave this case an 8 out of 10 is only because this is not a Premium, High Dollar all aluminum and steel framed work of Art. Those are 10’s for me.

  • Joel Wach

    These reviews are awesome! I have been trying to decide on a case and these reviews/build logs are super helpful. I do have a question for you though. Do you think a h100i would fit well it the top of this case with a pull configuration set up and would it sit over the motherboard making ram removal difficult? You did water cooling on your carbide 100r build and that was super insightful. Have any tips?

  • Anirban

    Is Does the plastic give a cheap feel? I do really love this piece. Want to buy ASAP.

  • Joel Wach

    I just got my case in and love it. You can’t visibly tell the difference between the metal and plastic on the case. It looks quite nice. It definitely feels a little cheap and light but I don’t ever move my case.

  • Hassaan

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  • Hassaan

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  • Wow… Never had I thought I would see a review of a case this long and enjoy reading to the last words. This is an awesome review!

    Have you also taken a look at Thermaltake Versa N24? I want to decide between N21 and N24 but I haven’t seen any review on N24 case. I like N21 for its looks but N24 for its internal layout with space for more larger fans. Can you please share your thoughts on Versa N24 too?

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