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Intel Shows Off 28-Core Processor Die Shot

At its Technology and Manufacturing Day Intel showed a slide of a new server processor with 28 cores! We expect this is a die shot of a Skylake-SP processor in the Xeon Platinum range. Xeon Platinum Series processors will have 22 to 28 core models and will be part of the 8000 series.

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Intel Working On Xeon Gold Series Processors For Media Workstations

Intel is working on a new line of pro-consumer Xeon processors dubbed Xeon Gold Series. Apparently Intel is "freaked out" at the cost / performance of the AMD Ryzen R7-1800X in creative productivity applications and is preparing these new processors for the niche market that uses MacPro Desktops and media production workstations that make use of HEDT processors, but need the reliability of the Xeon Brand.

Skylake-EP Xeon E5
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Intel Skylake-EP Xeon E5-2699 To Have 32 Cores, 64 Threads

Intel is getting their Skylake-EP Xeon E5 processor lineup ready for launch in mid-2017. And if this leak turns out to be true it looks like the Xeon E5-2699 V5 looks like Intel's response to AMD's upcoming Naples server platform. This chip breaks the trend Intel has had with their server parts and brings the core count up to 32. Intel recently announced the 22-core E5-2699V4A and the V5 platform core counts has been expected to increase to 24 and 28 cores, but Intel is increasing the core out by a staggering 10 cores (20 threads).

Gigabyte X170-Extreme ECC Motherboard
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GIGABYTE Launches the X170-Extreme ECC Motherboard

Gigabyte has just launched their latest high-end motherboard in the form of the X170-Extreme ECC. This motherboard is designed as a workstation motherboard for the high-end desktop crowd. It is based off the Intel C236 chipset, and comes with support for Intel Xeon E3-1200 V5 processors in addition to 6th generation Core "Skylake" processors. It also has support for DDR4 ECC memory, which is of course why you see the "ECC" in the product name.

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Intel’s First 5.1 GHz Chip Coming!

Looks like Intel is going to be breaking the 5.0 GHz barrier soon. They are readying a new Xeon processor that is rumored to ship with a staggering 5.10 GHz clock speed out of the box. The chip will be the Xeon E5-2602 V4 quad-core chip based on the company's 14 nm "Broadwell-EP" silicon.

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