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New NVIDIA Consumer Graphics Card Coming Next Month

It looks like NVIDIA is working on a TITAN V-style surprise for next month. A recent report by Reuters, which summarized the company's Q4-2017 results and outlook, said that the company is working on a new consumer graphics GPU for launch next month with the codename "Turing".


ThinkComputers Podcast #121

In this episode of our weekly tech podcast we talk about our three reviews this week, NVIDIA announcing the "Volta" based TITAN V, the war going on between Amazon and Google, Bitcoin and much more!

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Is This The NVIDIA TITAN Volta?

NVIDIA announced their first Volta product at their GPU Technology Conference not that long ago which was the HPC product the Tesla V100. The picture you see below has surfaced on Reddit showing a graphics card with a shroud that says "TITAN" on the side. On our first look we just though it was a well-made cooler mod, but then as we looked closer we could see that it appears to lack SLI fingers where you would expect them to be.


ThinkComputers Podcast #98

In this episode of our weekly tech podcast we talk about our review of the MSI Z270 SLI PLUS Motherboard, The Fastest GTX 1080 Ti on the planet, Intel's new Optane memory accelerators and more!

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NVIDIA Volta Could Launch In Q3 2017

According to the latest reports NVIDIA launch their Volta GPU architecture in Q3 2017. If you remember, according to NVIDIA's own road-maps, Volta was expected to launch around early 2018. The report goes on to say the Volta products, apparently marketed to be the GeForce 20-series, will see an early launch due to market demands, and NVIDIA intention to further increase pricing of its products through a new-generation launch.

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