Friday, March 23, 2018

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Lian Li DK-05 Motorized Adjustable Desk
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Lian Li DK-05 Motorized Adjustable Desk PC Now Available

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd is proud to present the new DK-05 motorized computer desk chassis. The DK-05 combines the ergonomics of a motorized desk with an incredibly customizable dual-PC chassis. The desk can be heightened to 118cm for standing work, and down to 69cm desk height for a sitting position.

Autonomous SmartDesk 2

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Review

Back in 2012 I was sick of sitting down all day and decided to build myself my own standing desk. While it worked pretty well it was not exactly high enough, and I could not adjust it up or down. This eventually led me to get a tall stool which I ended up sitting on more often than actually standing. So when Autonomous asked me if I wanted to check out their Smart Desk 2 I was quite excited. Autonomous says the Smart Desk 2 is the most affordable high-quality standing desk, period. Prices start at a very modest $299 for the base model and go up from there. Can the Smart Desk 2 become my new favorite desk or will I go back to the one I was using? Read on as we find out!

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Case Mod Friday: Wooden PC Desk

Welcome to another Case Mod Friday showcase! This week we have Spyros Cosmas's “Wooden PC Desk” build. Here is what he had to say about it: My custom PC case is made out of wood it's my new office desk. I designed it all by myself and also painted and built it. I put a lot of effort but at the end was worth it!!!

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