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Intel Could Commemorate 40th Anniversary of the 8086 with Special Core i7 SKU?

When Intel celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Pentium brand they released the Pentium 20th Anniversary Edition G3258 chip. Rumors have been swirling around the web that Intel might do something similar with the upcoming 40th anniversary of its 8086 processor, which is the distant ancestor of today's x86 architecture.

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Apple Plans To Use Its Own Chips In Macs in 2020

Apple is planning to use its own chips in Mac computers as early as 2020, replacing processors from Intel. Apple already builds its own processors for iOS devices and some of the newer ones like the A11 Bionic and A10 Fusion for reached performance levels of entry-level x86 desktop processors.

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Intel Core i9 Processor Comes to Mobile

Today at a global event in Beijing, Intel unveiled the first ever Intel® Core™ i9 processor for laptops. Part of the new lineup of high performance mobile products unveiled, the powerful 8th Gen Intel Core i9 processor is highest performance laptop processor Intel has ever built to deliver the best gaming and content creation experience on the go.

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Is NVIDIA’s GeForce Partner Program Anti-Competitive?

A recent report from Kyle Bennet over at HardOCP has found some very interesting information about NVIDIA's new GeForce Partner Program. What is the GeForce Partner Program? You can read NVIDIA's own blog post about the program, but the whole idea behind the program is to, "ensure that gamers have full transparency into the GPU platform and software they’re being sold, and can confidently select products that carry the NVIDIA GeForce promise." This all sounds great, but when Kyle was approached by AMD to take a closer look into NVIDIA's GPP he found evidence that this new program aims to push board partners to not release products from other manufacturers, mainly AMD.

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New Guide Shows How To Get “Coffee Lake” Chips Working On Intel 100/200 Chipsets

Well it turns out that "Coffee Lake" is pin-compatible with older LGA1151 motherboards based on the 200-series and 100-series chipsets. Modders were able to get these chips to work on older platforms. Intel uses software to block these chips from working on older motherboards, this comes in the form of the CPU's microcode, the iGPU's UEFI GOP driver, and certain management engine bootstraps on the side of the motherboard BIOS that lets it recognize new chips.


ThinkComputers Podcast #129

In this episode of our weekly tech podcast we talk about our three reviews this week, ASIC mining card maker Bitmain making more money than NVIDIA, someone shooting a Threadripper chip, and lots of gaming news!

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Intel to Bring 5G to Mobile PCs by 2019

Today, Intel announced it is collaborating with Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft to bring 5G connectivity to Windows PCs with Intel XMM 8000 series commercial 5G modems. Intel expects the first high-performing 5G-connected PCs to surface in the market in the second half of 2019.

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Intel Updates NUCs with Gemini Lake SoCs

The very popular and compact Intel NUCs will be getting an update. They are being refreshed with new SoC's from the Gemini Lake series and will get updated I/O as well. The new NUC7PJYH and NUC7CJYH feature quad-core a Pentium Silver J5005 and a dual-core Celeron J4005 respectively.

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