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AMD Radeon RX 480
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AMD RX 480 Beats NVIDIA GTX 1060 in DOOM Running Vulkan

This time we have another test with two cards that are directly competing with each other. AMD's RX 480 currently is at a very sweet spot at $199. NVIDIA is competing with the GeForce GTX 1060, which is $249. Now the GTX 1060 beats the RX 480 in most tests and overall is the higher performing card. That is until the Vulkan API is introduced.

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Teens Play The Original Doom

If you are like me you grew up playing DOOM. For teenagers these days they do not even know what it is half the time. It is pretty funny seeing their reactions playing the original DOOM. Keep in mind the game is half a decade older than they are! Check out the video below!

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DOOM Co-Creator Teases New FPS Announcement in Star Wars-Like Video

DOOM co-creator John Romero is apparently going to announce a new PC shooter soon. Romero posted a video on his YouTube channel titled "The Return". The video is a recreation of the last scene of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and has Id Software co-founder Adrian Carmack walking up to John Romero holding a keyboard and mouse towards him. The video ends with an announcement date of April 25th and a link to Romero's new studio Night Work Games. Check out the video below.

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DOOM Open Beta Announced!

For those who are looking forward to DOOM and were unable to get into closed multiplayer beta you will be able to get into the action next weekend! Bethesda will be holding an open beta for the game! It will run from April 15 - 17, there is no code necessary, just simply download the beta and start playing!

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DOOM PC System Requirements Revealed

DOOM has been a game we've been following for some time now. You have to be excited about a reboot of a game that really defined the FPS game landscape. We now know the minimum and recommened PC requirements for the game. These came about from an FAQ on the DOOM website regarding the closed beta. The closed beta will take place Thursday March 31st - Sunday April 3rd.

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DOOM Developer Wants Game To Be The Best Looking 1080P 60FPS Game Out There

In less than three months we will have a new DOOM game, after waiting 12 years! The games publisher Bethesda Software has released a three-part blog series in which they detail 22 reasons to love DOOM. The last part has a section on idTech 6, which is the new version of the legendary engine that powered DOOM, Quake and many great titles. idTech 6 will power the new DOOM game and the developers of the game are very excited about it.

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