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Cougar Panzer Evo
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Cougar Launches the Panzer Evo Full-Size Tempered Glass Case

Cougar's latest release the Panzer Evo is a full size tower case that features a range of practical features, a comprehensive cable management system and support for up to E-ATX form motherboards with capacity for a total of four 390mm graphics cards.

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Cougar Launches the PANZER-G Tempered Glass Case

Cougar has just launched another case, the time it is the tempered glass PANZER-G. While the case is elegant, it has an aggressive look to it as well. Like other cases that have the Panzer name the PANZER-G has a frame that resembles metal crossbars and there are exposed hex screws that give it that industrial look.

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Cougar Launching New Ultimus RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Cougar actually makes some pretty awesome gaming hardware. I was a huge fan of their 500K, 600K, and 700K gaming keyboards. Well they will be launching a brand new gaming keyboard called the Ultimus RGB. This is a mechanical gaming keyboard, although we are not sure which type or brand of switches will be used. Our guess is that they won't be Cherry MX switches.

Cougar 450K Gaming Keyboard
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Cougar 450K Gaming Keyboard Review

Cougar has really impressed us with their line of gaming peripherals. We’ve already taken a look at the high-end 700K, 600K, and 500K gaming keyboard from Cougar. I actually still use the 600K as my main keyboard on my desktop. Today we will be taking a look at a very budget friendly ($59) keyboard in Cougar’s 450K. This gaming keyboard features Cougar’s own hybrid mechanical switches, which are designed to give you the same tactile feedback as mechanical switches, but with enhanced durability. The keyboard also features 3-color backlighting, 10 programmable keys, a splash-proof design and much more! Is this the gaming gaming keyboard you are looking for? Read on as we find out!

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Cougar 500K Gaming Keyboard Review

We have been checking out Cougar’s gaming keyboards over the past couple of months. We first took a look at the high-end 700K, then moved down to the more minimalistic 600K, and today we will be taking a look at the more entry-level 500K. This keyboard is actually quite a lot like the higher-end 700K, it has the same 6 programmable G-keys, N-key rollover, a 32-bit ARM processor and on-board memory, the FPS palm rest and more. What it does lack is the aluminum design and mechanical key switches. So if you are not a fan of mechanical key switches this could be the keyboard for you. This has to be one of the more fully-featured non-mechanical keyboards that we have seen lately. Let’s jump in and see what this keyboard can do!

Cougar QBX
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Cougar Announces the QBX Compact Case

Cougar has announced a brand new case in their QBX chassis. This small form factor case was designed to fit great hardware inside as well as quite a lot of cooling. The official size specifications of the case are 178 x 260 x 368 mm, but you still have room inside for long high-end graphics cards, five hard drives, a slim ODD drive and a 140 mm long power supply.

Cougar 600K Gaming Keyboard
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Cougar 600K Gaming Keyboard Review

Back in December we took a look at Cougar’s flagship gaming keyboard the 700K, which took home our Editor’s Choice Award. We are moving down Cougar’s gaming keyboard product stack and next up is the 600K. The 600K is a small step down from the 700K, but it still features the same aluminum chassis design, mechanical key switches, repeat rate buttons, FPS palm rest and more. The only real big difference between the 600K and 700K is that the 700K has the 6 extra programmable G keys and individual key backlighting. The 600K still makes for a really great keyboard and has a complete feature set that many gamers are going to enjoy. Read on as we take a look…

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