Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Hardware News

Samsung Entering Volume Production of a Killer Crypto-mining ASIC

Samsung, who is one of the worlds largest SoC, DRAM, and NAND makers who has its own semiconductor fabs is looking to cash in on the crypto-currency mining craze. Reports indicate that the company has entered volume production of a highly efficient crypto-currency mining ASIC for an unnamed client from China.


Zotac Factory Tour In Dongguan, China

As part of their 10th Anniversary celebration Zotac organized a factory tour for members of the media. The factory tour took place in Dongguan, China at the PC Partner facility. PC Partner is actually the holding company of Zotac. This facility is where all of the Zotac graphics cards and mini PCs are made. Through the factory tour Zotac showed us exactly how their graphics cards and Mini PC's are produced from start to finish.

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