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CES 2010: Thrustmaster & Hercules

Thrustmaster and Hercules have an excellent strategy for their 2010 product lineup. Thrustmaster is introducing many new accessories for console gaming; Hercules is further penetrating the PC Disc Jockey space. Let’s see what they have in store for us in 2010!


CES 2010: IOGear

IOGear has traditionally been a very IT-oriented company. Its core technology was KVM--a device to which a user connects a single <em>k</em>eyboard, <em>v</em>ideo (monitor), and <em>m</em>ouse in order to control one of several connected computers. A few years ago, IOGear diversified and began marketing mobility and desktop accessories. This year, IOGear devoted itself to "convergence through connectivity," continuing its diversification into the home audio/video market, but also introduces some new products in its existing product areas.


CES 2010: Interview with Bigfoot Networks’ John Drewry

During CES 2010, I met with John Drewry, <a href="">Killer NIC</a> maker <a href="">Bigfoot Networks</a>' vice president of marketing. For those unfamiliar with the Killer NIC and its noble purpose, an perhaps lengthy introduction and explanation is due. The Killer NIC provides increased performance for online gaming via a network interface card (NIC) onto which Windows can offload network communications. In layman's terms, it's to networking what a video card is for graphics: the CPU in a system could handle the graphics or network communications, but a specialized processor can do it much faster. Whereas a video is often called a graphics processing unit (GPU), the Killer NIC can be called an NPU, a network processing unit.


CES 2010: Cooler Master

One company with really a variety of products on display this year was <a href="" target="new">Cooler Master</a>. Up in their suite they had many different new products from both the main Cooler Master line and their Choiix line. They have new cases, power supplies, coolers, notebook coolers and even more! So let’s take a look at Cooler Master’s 2010 lineup.


CES 2010: OCZ

This year at CES <a href="">OCZ</a>, a company mainly known for system memory was not showing a single stick of memory at all! This year OCZ’s focus was all about SSD’s. They showed quite a few new models as well as some really cool enterprise solutions that they will be offering very soon. They also had a few new power supplies as well.


CES 2010: Nyko

If you’re a gamer, chances are you know Nyko is synonymous with affordable quality peripherals. At CES 2010, Nyko is showing off impressive products such as the Wand+ and Charge Base Quad IC (Wii), Media Hub Slim and Core Controller (PS3), Speaker Com 360 and Intercooler TS (Xbox 360). Each product offers benefits to their original counterparts while retaining the same high quality and affordability that Nyko has always offered.


CES 2010: Silverstone

<a href="">Last year at CES 2009</a>, Silverstone wowed us with the uniquely shaped Raven and the aluminum unibody Fortress, two high end gaming cases. Both cases are aimed at the high-level enthusiast market. This year, however, Silverstone recognized the economic stress the world's having, and turned out some chasses in a lower price range. Additionally, it released updated versions of its HTPC, Mini-ITX, and gaming chassis lines, weighed in on USB3, and unified its power supply line under a single name.


CES 2010: The Booth Babes

<a href="" target="new">CES</a> is the largest trade show in North America. With all the different types of products how do companies get people to stop by their booth? How about having a beautiful woman demo your product? That should bring some attention to your booth right? Well this year at CES there was no shortage of booth babes. This year we will have to give the winner of hottest booth babes to the Ed Hardy booth, but hey you can decide by checking out the entire gallery below.


CES 2010: Moneual Labs

Moneual has many very attractive HTPC cases and home theater units, but this year, it's branching out into several categories of computer hardware, including nettops, netbooks, and green PC designs. For most items, pricing and availability were unavailable at press time.



Our friends from <a href="" target="new">iBUYPOWER</a> had sure a lot of things to show us this year at CES, some things were so top secret they would not even let us take photos of them! iBUYPOWER is one of the best custom system builders out there, we <a href="">recently reviewed</a> one of their custom systems and were very impressed. Let’s see what iBUYPOWER has in store for us in 2010!

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