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CES 2010: Skullcandy

<a href="" target="new">Skullcandy</a> is a purveyor of consumer, audiophile, and DJ-quality headphones. The company healthily mixes style with substance to create headphones which not only sound amazing, but exercise the user's freedom of expression. Skullycandy showed off three of its four newly announced products: Mixmaster Mike and Aviator headphones, and 50/50 and Heavy Metal earbuds.


CES 2010: QNAP

QNAP Systems is well-liked around these ThinkComputers parts. We loved its TS-109 Pro, <a href="">TS-209 Pro II</a>, <a href="">TS-409U</a>, TS-439U, and <a href="">TS-809 Pro</a>. This year at CES, QNAP showed off two major new series of products: the NMP-1000 network media player and the TS-x59 series of consumer-oriented home NAS devices.


CES 2010: Nvidia

Nvidia showed off new Ion netbook and nettop designs this year, plus an entirely new GeForce architecture—Fermi— designed for triple headed machines and 3D displays. Nvidia's Tegra line of embedded chipsets is also growing rapidly through OEM adoption, most notably in the <a href="">Boxee Box by D-Link</a>.


CES 2010: Super Talent

Taiwan-based Super Talent made an appearance on the main show floor this year, having been at <a href="">Sands last year</a>. VP of Marketing Joe James welcomed the change, noting more traffic and interest in Super Talent's newest products, USB 3.0 drives and high performance RAM.


CES 2010: ASUS

<a href="">ASUS</a> had quite a sizeable booth this year at CES. They were showing off quite a few products from displays to netbooks. We mainly got a chance to take a look at motherboards, video cards and some networking products. JJ from ASUS was nice enough to run through everything with us and I’m really excited about what ASUS has in store for 2010, let’s take a look!


CES 2010: Be.ez

Most ThinkComputers readers are likely unfamiliar with <a href="" target="new">Be.ez</a>. Before CES, I'd never heard of the French company myself. I sat down with Be.ez CEO Nicolas Cottard to review Be.ez's line of laptop sleeves, bags, and other device containers. Be.ez's flagship product is a laptop sleeve which uses memory foam instead of neoprene. The pricing is similar in the $25-$40 range, but the memory foam is times more protective than a simple neoprene sleeve. Neoprene offers scratch protection and moderate moisture protection, but virtually no collision protection. The memory foam offers all of these. All of the stitching is inside to prevent it from catching on zippers and such.


CES 2010: Zotac

<a href="" target="new">Zotac</a> had a small but interesting showing, being one of the refugees from Sands, which wasn't used during CES this year. They showed a new nettop, as well as some designs of netbooks, Nvidia graphics cards, and some small nano and mini ITX motherboards.


The 2010 PC Race For Charity

As you may know from our <a href="">previous blog post</a> the PC Race for Charity was held just a few days ago and our very our Colin Dean competed in the event. The PC Race is one of the best events to attend during CES. Not only is it for a good cause, but you really get to network with a lot of people and hell it has the best food! Also it's probably the only place you will be able to find most of the tech media all in one place! So the way this event works is that 30 contestants all tech media see who can build a computer the quickest with the winner getting $10,000 towards the charity of their choice. Second and third place also get cash prizes for charity and everyone's computer that gets built does get donated to their charity so it is a win-win!


CES 2010: Intel

Intel had by far one of the biggest booths this year at CES. This year’s CES was a big one for them as they announced more the 25 processors! Not only were they showing off their new processors they also had wireless and embedded technology on display. I also had time to sit down with Dan from Intel and he went over the new processors and what Intel plans for 2010.


CES 2010: Antec

Last year at CES Antec really showed off with their new Skeleton cases, power supplies and gaming cases. This year Antec has really taken things to the next level with a new line of cases, finally an update to the LanBoy case and some other really cool products. If you are a fan of Antec you are really going to like their 2010 lineup, let’s take a look!

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