Friday, March 23, 2018

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New Power Banks By In Win Make Appearance on Show Floor at CES

Power banks have become a must have item almost all of us thanks to the number of mobile devices we use all day. A power bank can really save you when you've drained the battery on your phone and can't get to a wall outlet. Taking us away from the boring black boxes that most power banks are, In Win has developed a really great looking series of power banks.

In Win 904 Case

In Win 904 Case Review

Over the past year In Win has been releasing some very unique case designs. This all started with their Tou case that was revealed at Computex. Today we are looking at another case from In Win that does not conform to the norms, it is their 904 mid tower case. This case is made entirely of glass and aluminum! Thats right, both side panels are made of thick tinted tempered glass and the frame of the case is constructed of 4mm thick aluminum alloy. This makes for a very unique case and something that will catch the eyes of onlookers at a LAN party for sure! Is this case all looks or is it actually functional as well? Read on as we take a look...

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