Sunday, March 18, 2018

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NVIDIA GeForce 384 Series Driver Allows For 4K Netflix Streaming

NVIDIA's 384 series drivers for their GeForce graphics cards have a few new features many people might be interested in. First they allow support for DirectX 12 API support on 5-plus year old GeForce "Fermi" GPUs. Secondly, 4K Ultra HD support for Netflix UWP app without needed a new-generation GPU (Kaby Lake, Ryzen, etc).

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CES 2017 – Zoopa Goes Worldwide With Globe UAV

Zoopa has a new drone named Globe UAV, and as its name implies, it can be used globally. Globe UAV uses cellular 4G LTE service to receive controls and stream video back to the included control panel. The best thing about Globe UAV utilizing 4G LTE is that you can be sitting in Las Vegas, but piloting a drone anywhere else in the world that has 4G LTE service. Let's take a more in-depth look at Globe UAV and Zoopa's other products.

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Battlefield 1 4K Alpha Gameplay Videos!

Last week the Battlefield 1 Alpha was released and gamers have been playing it non-stop! We showed you the PC vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One graphics comparison last week and now we have a few more videos to show you. These new videos show the different classes, weapons, warplane's and more! Oh they are in 4k too!

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