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AMD Reports 2014 Fourth Quarter and Annual Results

AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announced revenue for the fourth quarter of 2014 of $1.24 billion, operating loss of $330 million and net loss of $364 million, or $0.47 per share. Non-GAAP(1) operating income was $36 million, non-GAAP(1) net income of $2 million and breakeven non-GAAP(1) earnings per share.


Our 20 Most Popular Post of 2014

2014 has come to and end and what a year it has been here at ThinkComputers! We have reviewed quite a few different products, written many different articles and have covered tech news. Some people you guys have liked posts better than others and some have gone viral. Here is a list of our 20 most popular posts of 2014! Check them out, there might have been something interesting you missed!

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ThinkComputers Holiday 2014 Staff Wish List

It is that time of year again, Holidays! We always ask our families for things we would like each year, but we don’t always get them. The staff here at ThinkComputers has compiled a list of products they would like this year for the Holiday. Even though we get the oppurtunity to review some pretty awesome products there are still some things we would like. Check out our wish lists for this year!

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AMD Jaguar Based Beema and Mullins APUs Confirmed For 2014

AMD launched their Jaguar platform in the second quarter with the launch of Kabini and Temash chips. The same platform is believed to be updated with the arrival of next generation Beema and Mullins APUs various platforms to prove its strength. It commands both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one which are next generation consoles. Not only this, it also powers high quality and high performance notebooks. Confident to mention here that Jaguar is in everything. It is expected to be updated in 2014 with the introduction of the Beema and Mullins APU.

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2014 Flagship Smartphones to have 2560×1600 WQXGA Panels

As we slowly go through 2013 we look to the future to see what 2014 might bring for the smartphone market and one big thing that we are going to see is many flagship phone models will be packing 2560 x 1600 (1600p) resolution WQXGA panels. This will offer extremely high pixel density and clarity to smartphone displays. Many companies have shown 6-inch or higher displays using this technology, but expect to see these displays or 5-inch displays in 2014.

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