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The 2012 Year in Review

Wow can you believe it is already 2013!  It seemed like the year went by so fast!  2012 was a great year here for us at ThinkComputers and a growing year as we added many new features to the site over the year.  I have spent the last week really thinking about 2012 and this post sort of sums it all up!  This is quite a long post, but please take the time to read it as we have a lot to talk about and what you can look forward to in 2013!


November 2012 in Review

Wow can you believe that November is already over?!? We are in full swing of the holiday season and as you can tell things are quite busy. We have a lot of reviews coming up in December and be sure to get your <a href="">entry in to win a Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Gaming Mouse</a>! Out of all the reviews we published in November my favorite would have to be the NZXT Phantom 820. The case is just awesome and might just make our list of best cases of 2012! Read on to see the rest of the stats from November!


September 2012 in Review

Well September went by very quickly! It was another good month for us here at ThinkComputers and the first month of us posting daily news. It is starting to get cold here in Pittsburgh, how is the weather in your area? We posted 22 original reviews / articles in September, but my favorite would have to be the <a href="">AZZA Genesis 9000 Full Tower Case Review</a>. The case was not only huge, but really unique. Read on to see the rest of the stats from September.


August 2012 in Review

Can you believe that summer is almost over!? It seems it has gone by so quickly! August was another good month here at ThinkComputers. We've had some great reviews this past month and launched a few contests. Remember you still have a chance to <a href="">win some DDR3 from G.Skill</a>! Out of all the content we posted in August my favorite review would have to be the <a href="">Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 680 Black Series Accelero Hybrid 4GB Video Card Review</a>. It really is one awesome graphics card and is water-cooled! Read on to see the rest of stats from August!


May 2012 in Review

You know when it is nice out it really seems like time flies and May went by so quickly! May was our <a href="">Month of Reviews</a> and we gave away quite a few different products to our forums members. Expect to see more giveaways and contests launched on <a href="" target="_blank">our forums</a> over the summer! We posted some really great reviews in May, but my favorite would definitely have to be the CyberPower Zeus Thunder 2500 SE Ivy Bridge Gaming System. This was my first look at an Ivy Bridge system, and what a badass system it was! Read on to see the rest of the stats from May!


April 2012 in Review

What a great month April was! We posted quite a few reviews, articles and even attended <a href="">Pittco's Iron Storm XII Lan Party</a>! Besides all of that we launched our Beta Forums to bring a real community here to ThinkComputers. We posted a total of 25 posts this month! My favorite definitely had to be the review of the <a href="" target="_blank">NZXT Switch 810 Full Tower Case</a>, it is my favorite case of 2012 so far! Read on to see the rest of the stats from April.


March 2012 in Review

Is it summer yet?! It seems to be creeping closer and closer! Our summer LAN party schedule is starting to fill up as well, in less than a month we are attending <a href="" target="_blank">Pittco</a>! If you are around the Pittsburgh area make sure you come check it out! What a busy month March was! We published 18 reviews, 16 unboxing videos, 6 articles and 2 blog posts giving us a total of 42 posts. Out of all those posts my favorite definitely has to be the <a href="" target="_blank">Intel Core i7-3820 Quad-Core Core Processor Review</a>. Read on to see all of the stats and other interesting information from March!


February 2012 in Review

Even though there were only 29 days in February it seemed to go so slow. Probably because it is winter! Anyways we had another great month here at ThinkComputers, we even had the chance to <a href="">sponsor and attend a LAN party</a>! We posted a total of 31 posts in February, but my favorite would definitely have to be the <a href="">Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Review</a>. Not only is it one of the biggest cases we've seen it is one of the best cases we have reviewed! Read on to see the rest of the stats from February!


January 2012 in Review

Wow is it February already!? January always seems to go by so quick! January is always a crazy month here at ThinkComputers because of all the <a href="">CES coverage</a>. I think that we did a great job covering CES this year, especially with all of the video coverage. One of my favorite interviews I did at CES was with Bill Owen, make sure you <a href="">check that out</a>. Besides just CES coverage we did have some great reviews this past month. Out of all of them my favorite was the <a href="">iBUYPOWER Gamer Paladin XLC Intel X79 Gaming System</a>. It is one awesome system and you can bet we did a lot of gaming on it! Read on to see the rest of the stats for January!

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