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The 2009 Year In Review

Wow with all of the <a href="">CES coverage</a> going on I did not time to write this article up, but now since the show is over I have some time. 2009 was a great year for ThinkComputers! Probably the biggest thing, at least for me was moving the site over to wordpress and getting the new design made. Pretty much a straight 2 weeks of doing nothing but work on the new design went into it and we are very happy with the results. ThinkComputers grew as a site in 2009 and we hope in 2010 we grow even more! So what were the highlights in 2009?

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ThinkComputers Staff Holiday 2009 Wish List

Here at ThinkComputers we get to take a look at a lot of cool gear, a lot of which we get to keep, but there are always things that we would like to have. Each staff member has comprised a list of products they would like to receive this year for Christmas. Some of these items are what you might expect, but others are totally off the wall! Read on to see what the ThinkComputers staff wants for Christmas…


September 2009 in Review

What a crazy month it has been here at ThinkComputers! It seemed like September went right by! Out of all of the reviews we posted this month my favorite would have to be the Cooler...


August 2009 in Review

Wow August blew by here at ThinkComputers! I guess the end of August marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. That means a ton of companies will be releasing new products for...

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