Friday, February 23, 2018
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Nomad ChargeKey Lightning Cable Review

I can’t tell you how many phone chargers I have gone through. They always break or I end up losing them. At the same time I hate when I’m out and I forget to bring a charger with me. Well Nomad has the perfect solution for this, the ChargeKey. The ChargeKey is exactly what you think it is, a Lightning cable that is shaped like a key so you can easily bring it with you. Let’s take a look and see if the ChargeKey is something that you need to add to your mobile arsenal.

Special thanks to Nomad for providing us with the ChargeKey Lightning Cable to review.

Packaging & Overview
The Nomad ChargeKey comes in a pretty interesting package, much like an envelope.

Nomad ChargeKey Lightning Cable

Opening it up inside you will find the charge key and Nomad also gives you some ways to actually earn a free ChargeKey.

Nomad ChargeKey Lightning Cable

The ChargeKey is more or less the size of a normal key. This will make it easy to carry with you and put on your key-ring. Most of the ChargeKey is rubberized which allows it to flex a little bit so it does not break.

Nomad ChargeKey Lightning Cable

The ends of the ChargeKey are made of tougher plastic. On one end you have a USB connection and on the other is the lightning connector. Nomad also makes a ChargeKey with a MicroUSB connection for other mobile phones. On the same side as the lightning connector is where you can connect the ChargeKey to your key-ring. That is it, it is a pretty simple device.

Nomad ChargeKey Lightning Cable

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  • thanks for the info! i am intrigued. enough to convince the company to buy a few…

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