Monday, February 19, 2018

In Win Fanqua Mid Tower Chassis Review

In Win isn’t a widely known company, but it is slowly starting to get to there. Their unique cases are a different from the norm and the In Win Fanqua Mid Tower Chassis that we have to review today is no exception. Supporting up to nine drives the Fanqua houses four fans: three 120mm and one 220mm blue LED fan which lights up the entire case. In Win has also developed many tool-free devices to help ensure a fast and easy installation. Read on further to find out more about this case.

Special thanks to In Win for providing us with the Fanqua Mid Tower Chassis to review.


Excellent Thermal Solution

  • The Fanqua gaming chassis utilizes a 22cm side panel fan to accelerate air through and out of the chassis to keep components cool. The vented bezels on the front panel, a ventilated floor panel, and a top vent with a 12cm fan provide the optimal airflow on both intake and exhaust.

Advanced appearance

  • Its unique dark metallic paint and the bright stunning light on the huge fan satisfy all pompous PC enthusiasts.

Tool-Free Mechanical Design

  • Screw-less I/O expansion slots make assembling a fun, easy, and enjoyable experience.

Dust-proof meshes

  • The air filter meshes are built into the front bezel, side panel, top panel, and floor which keep out the dust and extend the life of components.

Bottom-Mounted PSU VS. Vent Holes

  • Bottom-mounted PSU design with independent air ventilation hole.


Case Size: Mid Tower
Material: SECC Steel (0.6mm )
Dimension(HxWxD): 456 x 225 x 480 mm
Power Supply: PS/2
I/O Expansion Slots: 7 Slots
Thermal Solution: 1. Front HDD 12 cm Fan*1 (Max. support 12 cm Fan*2)

2. Side cover 22 cm LED Fan with LED switch*1 (Support 12 cm Fan*2)

3. TOP 12CM FAN*1

4. REAR 12CM FAN*1

Driver Bays: 1. up to total 9

2. External 5.25” Drive Bay: 5 or 2

3. External 3.5” Drive Bay: 1 (Converted from one 5.25” drive bay)

4. Internal 3.5” Drive Bay: 3 or 6

Front I/O: 1. HD/AC’ 97 Audio

2. USB2.0 × 2

3. e-SATA×1

M/B: 1. ATX

2. Micro ATX

Like all In Win products the Fanqua comes in a beautiful package, full of colors and design.  The front of the package shows an image of the case with a background of red clouds. The foreground shows the Fanqua logo and explains what Fanqua stands for: Fan, Airflow, Neat, Quality, User Friendly, and Affordable. The sides of the box cover the different features and specifications of the case.

In Win Fanqua Mid Tower Chassis In Win Fanqua Mid Tower Chassis

The case is protected by a plastic bag and secured inside the box by two pieces of hard foam.

In Win Fanqua Mid Tower Chassis In Win Fanqua Mid Tower Chassis

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  • dlb

    I think I mentioned something like this once before, but it would be really nice if some NEWER hardware could be installed in these cases for the reviews. We have (in this review) a Slot1 (possibly SlotA) motherboard, and it has an ISA slot. Wow. That's old. I understand that it's for illustration purposes, but using somewhat current motherboards would allow the use of somewhat current video cards. Modern video cards can have problems fitting into some cases due to the length and overall size of the video card. Using hardware from before the AGP slot doesn't really help shoppers visualize their gear in this (or any other) case. Not only that, but using such ancient hardware really makes the whole review look -well- kind of cheesy, and “low budget” for lack of a better term. Again, I understand that the largest motherboard available is used to illustrate the interior size of the case, but most (if not all) mid or full size cases can handle a full size motherboard. Personally, I'd be more interested in knowing how a GTX285 fits in the case, or if a large CPU cooler (like the Noctua NH-D14) will fit correctly. We all know a 10 year MB will fit…..

  • Athlonite

    Nice enough case shame about the shite hardware you put in it … If you can't or wont get with the times then maybe you shouldn't be reviewing hardware I mean come on who the hell is still using socket7/slot1 combo mobos and sound blaster lives 5.1

  • Alexprod

    InWin made qualitatively, but the producers again too lazy to make a qualitative filter dust. Per month case completely clogged with dust. I do not support clean your computer of dust, I just put the dust filter.

  • Ali K.
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