Saturday, February 24, 2018

How to Install Google Chrome on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

As you may know I have recently added a Kindle Fire HD to my gadget list.  I actually really like the device.  You can read my lengthy review on it here.  Amazon tries to keep you in their ecosystem with the Kindle Fire HD.  As such you can only download apps that are in Amazon’s App store.  This really does limit you.  Amazon’s silk browser is alright, but there are plenty of better browsers available for Android.  Amazon blocks them from their app store, but you are still able to install them.  In this guide we will show you how to easily install Google Chrome on your Amazon Kindle Fire HD.  This process shouldn’t take that long and the best part you do not even have to root your Kindle Fire HD!  Let’s get started!

For a full overview on how to install Google Chrome on your Amazon Kindle Fire HD check out our video below.

Here are the step by step instructions:

1. Go into Settings → Device and scroll down to “Allow Installation of Applications” and make sure that is turned ON.

2. Download the ES File Explorer (link) – this makes it easier to find your downloaded files.

3. Download the Google Chrome APK File (link 1 | backup link).

4. Open up ES File Explorer and navigate to the “Downloads” folder.  There you will find your downloaded APK file.  Tap it to install.

There you go now you have Google Chrome running on your Kindle Fire HD!  It really is that easy!  Now off to better browsing and of course the ability to run websites with flash.

If you have any questions about installing Google Chrome on your Kindle Fire HD leave them below.

Bob Buskirk
the authorBob Buskirk
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  • Cherie

    I notice the Settings are different in the 2nd Gen Kindle Fire HD. Are the rest of the steps the same?

  • marie

    Thanks for this! I was worried when I tried to install my chromecast that I wouldn’t be able to use my kindle. Great directions!

  • pisoi

    Every time I try to sign in to chrome it crashes. Can someone help with a fix?

  • Andrew Roth

    How do you sign in once it’s installed?

  • Cody

    Yeah, it works but it crashes if you try signing in. Any fixes?

  • Russ

    Great job, works like a clock on both of our Kindles.

  • not_half

    Same thing for me; crashes whenever I attempt to sign in. Half the point of having GC was to be able to access/sync bookmarks, but can’t do this without signing in.

  • Peter Valleau

    Thank you. You’ve kept me from returning my Fire HD to Amazon! Can I use a similar technique with other apps not available on the Amazon app store?

  • Peter we assume it would work on most Android apps, but we haven’t tested any other

  • Craig

    Once I install Google Chrome on my Kindle HD will I be able to use my Google Chromecast to view it on my TV?

  • Paul Trambukis

    Link for ed file explorer works but there is no buy or download button on the page

  • Maggard

    What version of Chrome is linked in this article?
    I am trying to find the APK for the Chrome version released 2014-10-09.

  • Janet Schmidt

    Thanks, this was easy. I too wish we could sign in, but do like the better browser. Maybe someday (soon) on the sign in .

  • Pat

    I am trying to get Google chrome on my kindle fire hd 7. Is that possible, if so please explain.

  • JG

    Wow thank you so much it worked wonderfully!

  • Candace

    Mine say unable to parse

  • Donna

    Like many others, I was able to download the Chrome app just fine, but when I attempted to log in so that my bookmarks would synch with my other devices, the login failed. Any way around this?

  • don b

    “there is a problem parsing the package” is the error i keep getting. what’s that about

  • Richard M

    A big a hearty thank you. Screw Silk

  • GaryJR

    No FAV bookmarks is showstopper.

  • Pat

    Can someone please help I fallowed all the steps. I made sure that “Allow Installation of Application” was on. But when I clicked on the chrome apk file in ES Explorer/downloads I get

    Parse error – There is a problem parsing the package.

    I hope you have some suggestion

  • Jacqueline Lightbourn

    I followed all your instructions on how to install chrome and Chrome will not install after downloading. Is there something else I should do?

  • Caryl Darby

    To sign in to your Google account – type in Google Play into the browser then follow the prompts to sign in there. BINGO!

  • Misty Dino

    Great! And, how can one block the screen-lock ads?

  • Angie Gabriellia

    Hi Tom, I have recently side loaded some Android maps onto my fire with little or no problems. Chrome has left me with a Chrome Dome lol. While it’s loaded perfectly try as I might I’ve ripped my hair out trying to find a way to log in. I found your post and I hope you can help me

  • Ann

    As far as I can find, nothing works to get Google apps on a kindle. The above instructions aren’t working in the settings, because the settings have changed. Any help? Please?

  • Christy Whitson

    I’m so excited that this worked like a charm. Thank you so much, I’m just a novice when it comes to issues like this.. and had practically stopped using my Kindle because of Silk Browser messing up.

  • Tammie White

    I followed your directions and chrome shows up ,but the sign in page won’t let me sign just keeps blinking out and coming back with the choice of sign in or no thanks

  • wuz2blu

    I have the same problem. I cannot use the browser because it won’t let me “accept the terms and privacy policy”.

  • Joe

    I completed the installation onto my Kindle.” Sign on to chrome ” page keeps popping up and when I click it to sign in, Chrome closes..

  • Diane Klaas

    says the app dowloaded is out of date, we redid the install and still cant sign in, it just goes back to apps

  • Kimberly Pendleton

    I downloaded fine but the chrome page won’t go past the accept and continue screen. No matter how many times I accept, when I go to sign in it just goes back to the accept and continue page.

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  • merlin7777777

    How do you put a bookmark from your chrome browser onto your homescreen?

  • angelxmoreno

    same for me

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