Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Hands On With The ASUS STRIX 7.1 Surround Sound Noise Cancelling Headset

ASUS has been expanding their product line, and releasing some awesome products by doing so. STRIX 7.1 is a true surround sound headset with ten Neodymium drivers ranging from 20mm to 40mm. ASUS also added dedicated volume controls for each channel, lighting effects, and ambient noise cancelling to STRIX 7.1, among many other features.


Most of STRIX 7.1’s magic is processed in its breakout box. This is where volume for each channel, ambient noise cancelling, input/output, lighting and everything else is controlled from. One of the features that seems promising is ambient noise cancelling. STRIX 7.1’s breakout box uses a built-in microphone to hear how much noise is in the environment, such as mashing of mechanical keyboard keys, little brother or sister yelling, smacking of a desk after getting killed, and anything else you can think of. Anything the breakout box hears is the environment will be cancelled from microphone input, so friends you’re chatting with won’t be distracted by all of the distractions in your environment.



40mm front and subwoofer drivers, 30mm center drivers, and 20mm drivers for side and rear are what power STRIX 7.1’s setup. There are also 130mm highly breathable protein leather cushions, driver-free plug-n-play, detachable 3.5mm mic, and foldable earcups. While comfort and portability are great, they aren’t much good if the headset doesn’t work, so driver-free plug-n-play is a great feature. No matter where you go, all you have to do is plug in STRIX 7.1’s breakout box and you’re set, no drivers or extra software to install. Furthermore, all of your settings are stored within the breakout box. So even after unplugging the box and moving to a different location, all of your volume, mic, lighting, and other settings are going to be just as you left them.

ASUS didn’t have a price point for STRIX 7.1, but keep an eye out because it should be launching Q1 2015.


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