Monday, March 19, 2018

Cooler Master N600 Case Review

Chances are if you have ever owned a computer you have probably bought or owned a Cooler Master product even if you didn’t know it. Cooler Master is a giant in the industry and builds many different products for many different aspects of the Computing Market.

Cooler Master was founded in 1992 in the beginning of what was a very growing market of computing and started making OEM CPU Cooling solutions for both AMD and INTEL in some of the best selling home computers that were being sold then, but Cooler Master has grown so much more from that time.

Now Cooler Master sells Power Supplies, Keyboards, Mice, All in One (AIO) Watercooling system, Air Cooled CPU cooling solutions and finally Cases.

The N-Series of cases took over from the Elite Series of cases that Cooler Master introduced a generation back, but the piano gloss Finish and the plain steel interiors are long gone for buyers now so Cooler master has really stepped up the game with this new N-Series and it looks and works quite well. The 22 years of building experience in computer parts cases and accessories has really paid off for this company in building know-how and they have been known to find innovation throughout the building community and apply it faster than most other companies in the business today.

The Cooler Master N600 is at the top of the line in the System Builder Case line. With its smoked windows, no frills classic good looks and highly engineered interior the N-Series can be for anyone from a System builder to a New Self Starter or even a seasoned Enthusiast with Modding on their mind. This case can fit the whole spectrum of the market with many different options for cooling and locating parts and ease of building and quality noise free end user results that can last for a long time to come.

Derek Smith
the authorDerek Smith
Derek has been a computer enthusiast since the mid 80's. He has owned all types of computers from The Commodore 128, Mac, Intel, AMD, Radeon and NVidia. Derek has been Modding computer's for almost a decade and built over 45 computer builds. Derek has been a Novelist and a Creative Writer for a decade and loves to do Reviews and anything with computers. Derek is retired from self employed business and enjoys all Christian Studies and loves new innovative designs and machines.
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