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CES 2010 Wrap Up

This year’s CES was sure great! It’s been 2 weeks since the event and we have completed our coverage of the event. We posted a total of 33 articles covering the show, our largest coverage of the show yet! I think the site being on wordpress made a huge difference! My favorite product of the entire show was Lenovo’s U1 laptop. It has a screen to pull out of the chassis and becomes a tablet. You can check it out in our Digital Experience article. Here is a list of all the CES coverage from start to finish.

CES 2010: Digital Experience
CES 2010: Thermaltake
CES 2010: CoolIT
CES 2010: Psyko Audio
CES 2010: Moneual Labs
CES 2010: The Booth Babes
CES 2010: Silverstone
CES 2010: Nyko
CES 2010: OCZ
CES 2010: Cooler Master
CES 2010: Interview with Bigfoot Networks’ John Drewry
CES 2010: IOGear
CES 2010: Thrustmaster & Hercules
CES 2010: Antec
CES 2010: Intel
CES 2010: Zotac
CES 2010: Be.ez
CES 2010: ASUS
CES 2010: Super Talent
CES 2010: Nvidia
CES 2010: QNAP
CES 2010: Skullcandy
CES 2010: Razer
CES 2010: Lunch @ Piero’s
CES 2010: Microsoft’s Game Room
CES 2010: Topower
CES 2010: Altec Lansing
CES 2010: Interview with ARIN’s John Curran: We’re running out of addresses
CES 2010: AOC
Is CES Slowly Going Away?

Blog Posts:
We are in Vegas!
Watch ThinkComputers editor Colin Dean in the PC Race for Charity
The 2010 PC Race For Charity

Hope everyone enjoyed the coverage!

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  • I enjoyed 2010 CES. There's a lot of really awesome products on the horizon. 3D TV's and media seemed to have an even larger presence this year than last. I was most impressed by Samsung's and Nvidia's 3D demos. There was even a 3D TV that didn't require you to wear glasses! The picture wasn't as sharp but, not having to wear glasses is definitely a step in the right direction. A couple of my favorite products were the Eye-Fi SD Card (check out the Lunch @ Piero's article) and the Sony Ericsson Pureness. The Eye-Fi is probably one of the most useful products. Whether you're taking pictures at a family gathering or, at a large event like CES, the Eye-Fi is something you'll want to have in your repertoire. As for the Sony Ericsson Pureness, it's a thing of beauty. In fact, when Colin Dean saw it, his first words were, “That's 2010 right there!”. The Pureness doesn't have all of the features you'd expect to find on a current phone however, it's amazing technology and I hope it makes a return next year (albeit with more features). Well, that's my wrap up. For everything else that totally rocked, just check out the articles above 🙂

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  • “There was even a 3D TV that didn't require you to wear glasses! “

    I bet they didn't tell you the price. :p Those autostereoscopic TV's are too pricey for mainstream.

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