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Samsung HMX-R10 Full-HD Digital Camcorder Review

Do you remember the days where the personal camcorder had to sit up on your shoulder? Perhaps the large VHS tapes which you had to use to record the world around you in video? Well it seems those large and clunky video recorders of the past are definitely long gone. Welcome the Samsung HMX-R10. Known as one of the smallest, lightest Full-HD camcorder that is no bigger than that regular sized coffee drink you like at your favorite coffee shop, the Samsung HMX-R10 looks as if it is loaded with features without loading you down with extra weight.


ASUS My Cinema EHD3-100 Dual Hybrid TV Card Review

Our friends at ASUS have released a cool new TV tuner card, the Asus My Cinema EHD3-100/NAQ/FM/AV/MCE RC. This is a dual Hybrid TV card, with inputs for both digital and analog TV, complete with a dual stream hardware MPEG2 encoder. The card interfaces via PCI-E x1. Read on to find out about the Asus My Cinema EHD3-100!


Hercules XPS 2.1 50 2.1 Speakers Review

2.1 speaker sets-the kind with two satellite tweeters and a single subwoofer-are very popular with those whose hardware doesn't support 5.1 or 7.1 audio, or those who simply don't have room for those elaborate setups. Hercules' XPS 2.1 50 speaker set is a unit which, while more expensive than some of its competitors' units, yields warm tones and thumpin' bass on top of its sleek crowdsourced, glossy black design. ThinkComputers has the review.

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Radius Atomic Bass Earphones for iPhone Review

We all know that the "stock" earphones that come with most products are not the best. The iPhone is not any different, the earphones that are included are good, but nothing great. There are so many third party earphone's made specifically for the iPhone it is hard to choose. Well Radius has sent us their Atomic Bass Earphones for iPhone that have a quite low retail price compared to other earphone's out there. Let's see if they are actually a good deal or their price reflects their performance and quality.


Samsung ST50 Ultra Slim Digital Camera Review

In the case of point and shoot cameras, does going ultra slim harm the performance and quality of a digital camera? We will take a look at Samsung's Ultra Slim ST50 digital camera to see how well it can capture the world around you in such a small package. Not only does the Samsung ST50 sport an Ultra-slim design, but they have packed an amazing 12.2 megapixel CDD sensor to help capture those special moments and great landscapes.

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Samson StudioDock 3i iPod Speaker System Review

It seems like everyone is making iPod speaker systems, with so many out there it is hard to tell which ones are good and which ones are crap. Today we are looking at a speaker system from Samson, who is a new sponsor to ThinkComputers. Not sure what to expect when I got this speaker system I was really impressed with the overall quality and features this system offers. Read on and see what the Samson StudioDock 3i is all about!


Hiyatek 7 Port USB Hub Review

USB ports, we never seem to have enough of them! With all of our new devices having USB connections it is easy to run out of USB ports on your home computer or laptop. That is why we have USB hubs. Today we will be looking at a 7 port USB hub from Hiyatek. It has a few features that other plain USB hubs do not have so let's take a look...


Apple iPod Nano 3rd Generation MP3 Player Review

MP3 Players have evolved a lot since they first burst on to the scene. Apple really surprised people with their <a href="" target="new">iPod MP3 Player</a> and it really took off. You can see why too, easy to use controls, smooth menus, and the ease of syncing everything through iTunes. Apple has such a hold on the MP3 player market many people don't ask if you have an MP3 player, they ask if you have an iPod. The iPod Nano is Apple's midrange model of iPod and today we are going to take a look at the 3rd generation model which was introduced in late 2007.

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