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CES 2009: The Booth Babes

With any trade show there are booth babes and CES is no exception especially in the car audio section! This year at CES we saw everything from mini laptops, all-in-one PC's, and crazy 3D LCD displays. Let's see if the models showing off the products this year can make you drool as much as the products! Without further ado I present the CES 2009 booth babe gallery!

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2008 Budget Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season is different from many that we have seen in the past. The main reason for that is because the economy is horrible right now. Most people are spending less than they ever have before on holiday gifts this year. Things are so bad that most stores do not even have those amazing deals that we are used to seeing this time of year. If you look at Black Friday's deals none were really earth-shattering. So with that said here are some things you can get for that computer enthusiast or yourself on the cheap.


Nvidia Enthusiast System Architecture

For most of us, monitoring and tweaking our systems is one of the most important part of being a PC enthusiast. Whether you are an overclocker, gamer, or just want the most efficient system you can get, you need to see what is going on inside your case. Temps, voltages, clock rates, fan speeds, memory timings, flow rates on water systems, S.M.A.R.T. data from hard drives, all are relevant information that most of us like to know at one time or another, some of us want to know these things at all times.

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