Saturday, June 23, 2018

Case Mod Friday

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Case Mod Friday: Valentine ZBOX

This case was build from scratch by hand, it's one heartshaped case to fit the ZBOX nano XS AD11 that ZOTAC kindly sponsor to us. Design idea was simple, do it "Valentine and cute" for women. It feature one multi layer case style (12 layers) of white acrylic and red accents. The video worklog are 7 videos full EN, called Letters, that you can see at our YouTube page. This project was build to give mine girlfriend as a V-day gift and now is with WIN 8 and XBMC, as her daily PC.

ArticlesCase Mod Friday

Case Mod Friday: Screaming Eagle

Tribute to the 101st Screaming Eagles brigades auction custom MOD/Build to benefit disabled vets through PCs4VETS charity. Inspiration for this creation is VALOR in battle honoring the courage, merit and gallantry of our soldiers. The primary scheme is the Medal Of Honor. The GOLD and the Blue will be seen throughout but Bronze and Silver Stars will also be represented. Built on a Cooler Master Cosmos II case, with a ton of custom mods and additions.

ArticlesCase Mod Friday

Case Mod Friday: SnowWhite and The i7 Cores

Just a Fractal Design XL Black Pearl USB3.0 version modded up. Wanted something very simple but eye-catching. Had planned on not having a window, but once I got started...kept adding this and that. Ripped the window in it because everyone I showed build pics to said it would be a shame to not be able to see the interior. Not 100% finished yet. Still got a few odds and ends to get to.

ArticlesCase Mod Friday

Case Mod Friday: Monochromos

At first I started only to design the side panel. Because the original side panel was lost by the courier or claimed so after I sent it for custom window. But then more and more ideas came in, even though this is my first time modding, I said to myself just to give it a try. Monochromos means single color, which is why I used black and white. Because black is one color while white is sometime known as not 'a' color because it is the result of combination of all the rainbow colors.

ArticlesCase Mod Friday

Case Mod Friday: Project Steampunk’d TJ11

For this mod I used a Silverstone TJ11. To many, this is the most coveted full tower water cooling case to own and mod. I decided to do a Steampunk mod because there are not very many out there. Not saying I could out do any of them, I just thought it would be a really fun thing to try. Most of my ideas came from looking at photos online of clothing, jewelry and just old Steampunk style photos. I also did not play very much of this mod. I just played it by ear as I went. Overall I am very pleased with how it came out and I fully plan on doing another one in the future.

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