Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Cooler Master Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse Review

This technological marvel utilizes the latest innovations in cutting-edge technology: 5600 DPI twin laser, rapid fire mode, internal Sentinel-X™ memory and our patented security, Storm Guard™. The Sentinel Advance is designed for one purpose and one purpose only - to search and destroy. Overpower your enemies with speed and precision beyond their imagination. Conquest is at your fingertips - Sentinel Advance. Via <a href=""></a>

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Western Digital WD TV Live HD Media Player Review

Almost everything I have in my video library played with the WD TV Live HD. Ripped and downloaded music and playlists (with album art), pictures from my digital camera stored on USB adaptors and my home network, High Def and Low Def movie rips. The media server even allowed you to toggle between audio tracks that were present in your media file. This thing is amazing! Not every 1080p file played as smooth as the trailers we talked about above, but those were rare occurrences. For instance, when I pointed the WD TV Live to a Blu-ray rip of... Via <a href="">Legit Reviews</a>

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Thermaltake EVO 650W PSU Review

<center><img src=""></center><br /> All in all there are more than enough cables to keep anyone happy with their 650W PSU. It would be nice to have a couple of extra PCIe cables, but with the single 12v rail only putting out 48A, it is probably a good idea if you don't hook up 6 PCIe cables to this unit in conjunction with your CPU and all other internal components... Via <a href="">BCCHardware</a>

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