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Bob Buskirk
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About 10 years of computer experience. Been messing around with electronics since I was 5, got into computers when I was in highschool, been modding them ever since then. Very interested in how things work and their design.

CES 2009: Antec

Antec has been relatively quiet over the past year, just a few releases. This year at CES they invited us up to their suite to check out some of their new products and even to take a look at a prototype case that looks nothing like anything that is out right now! Let's see what Antec will be releasing this year!


CES 2009: Thermaltake

Thermaltake is one of the most widely known names when it comes to PC cases, it seems like everyone I talk to has heard of Thermaltake. This year they did not have that many announcements as in previous years, but they did have some interesting products. Let's take a look at their new cases, power supplies and cooling products.


CES 2009: MSI Notebooks

MSI had one of the most exciting booths this year at CES, probably because they were just showing off their notebooks. MSI is not a new comer to the notebook market, but are not as well knows as others, but after you see what they showed at CES they will definitely be on your radar. Let's take a look and see what they have in store for us.


CES 2009: The Booth Babes

With any trade show there are booth babes and CES is no exception especially in the car audio section! This year at CES we saw everything from mini laptops, all-in-one PC's, and crazy 3D LCD displays. Let's see if the models showing off the products this year can make you drool as much as the products! Without further ado I present the CES 2009 booth babe gallery!


Icy Dock MB881US-1S-1 Hard Drive Dock Review

If there is one thing we have seen a lot of in the past few months it has been hard drive docks, external devices that allow you to plug in a SATA hard drive connect it to your computer via USB or eSATA. We have reviewed 3 of them already and they all are pretty much the same design. Today we will be looking at one from Icy Dock that is quite unique and is actually very portable as well. Let's see if the MB881US-1S-1 is the best hard drive dock out of the mix.


2008 Year In Review

Wow what a year it has been here at ThinkComputers, we published over 200 reviews and 27 articles. It has to have been one of the busiest years for us to date. I think that we really took things to the next level reviewing a lot more high-end products and keeping a constant stream of products coming in. I want to thank all of our sponsors and more importantly our readers for making this year such a good one. Each one of the staff members have compiled a year in review segment where they recap some of their favorite products and good times here at ThinkComputers over the course of 2008.


Sumo Chief Rocker Bean Bag Chair Review

I'm sure by now many of you are familiar with Sumo, we have reviewed their SumoSac Sultan and Omni bean bag chairs. They have released yet another cool bean bag chair called the Chief Rocker. The Chief Rocker is a lot like the Omni Plus, which is a hybrid of the SumoSac and Omni. The thing that sets the Chief Rocker apart is that it has a metal frame that sits it on an angle for great gaming or lounging around. Let's take the Chief Rocker for a spin and see if it lives up to the hype.


Booq Boa Slimcase M Laptop Bag Review

When I'm looking for a good laptop bag there are 3 things I look for, quality, style, and size. I want something that is going to last, looks good, and is not too large or too small. Today I get the chance to take a look at the Boa Slimcase M laptop bag from Booq. It is designed to be a compact and lightweight bag for 11-13-inch notebooks that is also meant to carry a few accessories as well. Let's take a look and see if this is the perfect bag for your daily travels.


Seagate FreeAgent XTreme 1TB External Hard Drive Review

With prices on storage continuing to drop and the holiday season almost over there are so many people looking to pick up an external hard drive. Over the past month I have been asked at least 5 times what is the best external hard drive to get. Just in time for the holidays Seagate has revamped their FreeAgent series of drives. We have already taken a look at the <a href="">FreeAgent Go</a> and <a href="">FreeAgent Desk</a> now we are going to check out the FreeAgent XTreme. The XTreme is the top of the line drive in the FreeAgent series having Firewire, USB, and eSATA connections. Let's take a look!


Boogie Bug Dub Style M Custom Case Review

Custom cases, there is always something about them that catches your eye. Many custom cases start from a very popular chassis and the M case is no different it is based off the Zalman Z-Machine GT1000. The Z-Machine GT1000 was released by Zalman a little while ago and is probably the best case that they have available. The Boogie Bug Dub Style team has taken the case and given it a total chrome finish and added a few other things to make it a quite an impressive case. Is this the perfect case for your new build? Read on to find out!

Input DevicesReviews

Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand and Keyboard Review

Laptops are more and more becoming desktop replacements for most people. You can get laptops that are just as powerful as desktop machines and even better you can take them with you. Since they are using the laptop as a desktop replacement often time's people use full-sized <a href="" target="new">computer keyboards</a> and definitely a mouse. Logitech has come up with the perfect thing for these people, the Alto. The Alto is a notebook stand matched with a full-sized keyboard. Read on to learn more about the Alto Cordless!


Lenovo ThinkPad X200 12.1-inch Tablet Notebook Review

For most people tablets are something they hate or love. They really have not caught on as many tablet manufacturers and Microsoft thought they would. Although people who do use tablet's love them and wouldn't know what to do without them. Today we will be looking at Lenovo's latest tablet, the ThinkPad 12.1-inch X200. The X200 tablet features a 1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of memory, a solid design and all the features you would expect from a ThinkPad. Let's take a look and see if the X200 tablet is the right tablet for you.

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