Thursday, February 22, 2018
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AMD To Launch Radeon R9 380X in February

AMD held their annual event over the weekend in Japan. At the event the company revealed to journalists a number of different exciting plans in a round table discussion. The most exciting of these was that AMD is prepping a Radeon R9 380X model that will be available as soon as February if plans go well.


AMD says that the Radeon R9 380X will compete head on with NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 980 graphics card. The R9 380X will be based on the Pirates Islands micro-architecture and will be powered by the Fiji GPU. We all thought that the R9 390X would be based off the Fiji GPU, but apparently that is not the case.

AMD actually have three graphics cards in the works. The Radeon R9 390X will be based on the Bermuda GPU, the R9 380X will be based off the Fiji GPU and the R9 370X will be based off Treasure Island. AMD hopes to launch the R9 380X as soon as February if all goes well.

These new series of graphics cards are said to feature TSMC’s new 20 nm manufacturing technology as well as 3D stacked HBM memory. The hybrid “Hydra” cooling solution developed by Asetek will be used on the R9 390X, we are not sure about other cards.

AMD Radeon R9 390X

The R9 390X is expected to compete against the unreleased NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti / Titan X. The R9 380X against the GTX 980 / 970 and the R9 370X against the GTX 960.

Source: 4gamer | News Archive

Bob Buskirk
the authorBob Buskirk
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  • Mano Lester

    This better be good I am still waiting for its launch to beat nvidia to its knees

  • Greg Gaugler

    GTX670 owner looking to upgrade. I really want a GTX970, but looking to switch back to AMD (I tend to alternate). I really like the company ethics of AMD, infinitely more than Nvidia… But they need to provide a better bang for the buck.

  • Stephen Westervelt

    I have always felt that AMD is a far better value for money. When you compare mid level cards its shocking how overpriced Invidia is ….

    I may not be the super top end of the GPU scale, but I am looking for an upgrade, so this has me excited.

  • lemonscampi .

    That was true up until the other week when the 970 launched.

  • Greg Gaugler

    Yeah, it is often true.

    I chose the 6850 Crossfire over the GTX560 SLI, because it was slightly cheaper… similar performance, but 6850 had the edge in the games I was playing, plus their crossfire results were better than SLI results at the time.

    I did choose the GTX670 over the Radeon 7950.. They were both ~$300. Performance was again on par, but for the games I was playing the GTX670 was ahead.

  • What?

    970 is very tempting but NVDA is trying to force GSync down our throats. I’m going to stick with AMD this time around.

  • Thomas Dameron

    If you’re willing to wait, then it would almost definitely be worth it. The 370X should cost about $200-$250 and give about the performance of a 290 (assumed since the 380X is supposed to take on the 980), and have much lower power consumption (based on the efficiency improvements demonstrated on Tonga and the fact that it should be manufactured on 20nm). And then, if it has HBM, you would be looking at about 1 TB/s of memory bandwidth.

  • Leonel wanicki


  • Greg Gaugler Response

    Ive switched to AMD about 3 month ago. A lot of Blue Screens. But im looking forward to see what the r9 380x can.

    AMD’s company ethics are very very good.

    But AMD has not much stable drivers. With AMD you have much more problems. Dont matter if it is ingame or in desktop with Blue Screens.

  • Future Man

    Hello, I’m from the future. This information was inaccurate.

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