Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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AMD Hawaii GPU Performance Leaked – Faster Than GTX Titan

We confirmed yesterday that AMD will be unveiling their latest Hawaii GPU on September 25th at a special event in Hawaii. At this event AMD will publically announce the Volcanic Islands family and the Hawaii GPU, although we do believe the card will ship at a later date.


The guys over at the Chiphell forums seem to have already got their hands on a qualification sample of the Hawaii GPU. We do not know the specifications or codename of the card that was tested, so we urge our users to take this information with a grain of salt.

The card was tested using 3DMark’s FireStrike benchmark on Extreme settings. The supposed card scored 4816 points. Now normally a GeForce GTX Titan will score around 4500 to 4700 points in this test and the GeForce GTX 780 scores around 4400 to 4500 points.

AMD Hawaii GPU Performance

Now if you compare this to the previous generation (Southern Islands vs. Volcanic Islands) the Radeon HD 7970 scores 3300 to 3500 points in the same test.

So what do you guys think? If AMD can keep the cost of this card around the same as the GTX 780 they could definitely take on NVIDIA.

Source: Chiphell Forums | News Archive

Bob Buskirk
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  • trog69

    I read some a short blurb elsewhere claiming that AMD was coming out with a Titan/780-killer, so, who knows?

    I was thisclose to pulling the trigger on a 780, until I watched a video where a guy showed that even a vanilla 680 ( I have the EVGA GTX 680 4gb FTW ) could play any game out there today at full-tilt graphics, even on a 1440p monitor, so I don’t see a reason for me to upgrade yet, when I have no intention of triple-monitor setup.

  • Blue Gum

    Even if you don’t want an AMD card(they have improved dramatically over the last 2 years), the newer AMD cards will pressure Nvidia to drop their prices.

  • trog69

    Oh, I’m no nVidia Fanboi. If I had known that AMD was so close to coming out with the 7000 series when they did, I’d have held off buying the 580. Then, when that card started giving me problems, I would have gone with the 7970 but, at the time I was considering going triple-monitor, and I was reading a bunch of articles concerning the micro-stutter issue with AMD cards in X-Fire, so again I was shunted to nVidia by default. heh. Anyway, I was able to get in on the FTW card when they were giving 3 free games away. So it wasn’t as bad as the $150 difference would indicate.

    If the rumored 9970 turns out to be a boost to the 780 at near the price, I’ll gladly go with one if/when I need to upgrade.

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