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HIS Radeon R9 270X IceQ X² Turbo Boost Clock 2GB
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HIS Announces Radeon R9 270X IceQ X² Turbo Boost Clock 2GB

The R9 270X IceQX² Turbo Boost Clock 2GB GDDR5 has been announced by HIS and some of the details regarding the card have been revealed with this piece of information. With a Boost Clock, there will be faster performance and to top it all up there is the IceQ X² which is cooler and quieter and the user-friendly iTurbo. All of these have been combined into the long lasting design which promised durability.

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Counter Logic Gaming Razer DeathAdder Team Mouse Released

Whenever it comes to the higher performing gaming systems and software, Razer certainly is a name that doesn't go by without any consideration. It has been affiliated with the eSports community for a very long time and is also known for producing the best quality gaming peripherals. With so many successful products, Razer is happy to announce yet another great one; the Counter Logic Gaming Razer Death Adder gaming mouse which is going to come in limited edition.

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Digital Storm Launches PRO Line of Custom Built Workstations

Digital Storm is a name known well in the field of customized and high performing gaming systems. It is adding yet another amazing series to its already existing product portfolio and this time it plans to surprise its customers with the PRO line of workstations which are going to be fully customizable. This decision was purely based on the need to satisfy the growing needs of the professionals who are constantly demanding for higher performing desktops which are liquid cooling enabled and also overclocked.

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FAA Relaxes Rules on In-Flight Electronics

Yesterday the FAA released their guidance for personal electronic devices on planes. Taking a look at it guidelines it is something that most airlines are doing already, although I’ve been witness to and have heard some pretty crazy stories about airline staff going to some pretty extreme lengths to make sure your personal electronic devices are turned off, not just in airplane mode. Currently most airlines do not allow you to have personal electronic devices turned on till the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet, which seems pretty ridiculous.

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PowerColor Unveils the Devil R9 270X

TUL Corporation is a name known well and trusted when it comes to the AMD cards manufacturing. It has expanded its existing portfolio and has added yet another product to the famous Devil series. The product has been named as the PowerColor Devil R9 270X and just like all other products in these series, this one too has been equipped with special features and does not fail to showcase the brilliance of the Devil series.

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