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  • Good competitor for Ipad.

  • Anonymous

    This tablet looking very promising. Well I am going to buy this in shop next week.

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  • Synchronster

    Sorry, I’ve had this tablet for awhile.  It’s OK for basic surfing, email, reading books, and playing music.  Youtube Videos won’t last for more than 40 seconds before they freeze.  In fact, you’ll be pressing the thumbtack sized panic hole many times to reboot it for anything processor-intensive.  Finally, the headphone jack only plays back left speaker monorally, not stereo and I can confirm this with other T301 users.


  • Bott Randall

    I have this tablet it works fine no freezing youtube plays fine and headphones play left an right audio u obviously got a faulty unit

  • alli marie

    i recieved my micro cruz t301 in the mail yesterday and it will not turn on. i tried charging it for hours still nothing… any suggestions?? :/

  • Stormspace

    Hit the reset button.

  • disappointed

    still doesn’t work…all I have is a baby blue screen with a white dot in the middle…going back tomorrow!! Very disappointing christmas present

  • Msshavonne79

    That is the exact same thing mine does. But mine is a black/grayish screen and i cant restart it or anything and i got it for christmas.

  • Cruz-in

    I received this as a christmas present.  Seems to be working just fine. It does appear to be very “restricted” in what it can do. With a little playing around, im sure i can make something of this.

  • Love this tablet!
    This sight has the micro cruz for only about 70 dollars. In there listing they give the option to contact them and make a offer. I got mine for only 50 dollars and it looked even better condition than i thought. I love it because of the option to add memory with a SD card. I also went to a game store and bought a touch screen pen for the nintendo ds and it works great with it. I highly recommend getting one if you dont have one.

  • jennifer

    not really. mine and a friends has the same problem

  • Jmcr2014


  • Eflores

    I had mine for 2 weeks (also got it for christmas) and all of a sudden the touchscreen does not register any type of touch.  I was told that they can’t do anything for me and that I need to send it back (at my cost!).  So frustrating! 

  • cass89

    I bought mine for my son n can’t download anything n it won’t stay on the browser n goes to home pop age tried to master reset it n it won’t even do that


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