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Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case Review -


Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case

Product: Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case
Date: October 21, 2008
Author: Frank Stroupe
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: Thermaltake
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A Look Inside

Not a lot to see inside of the bezel with all of the case electronics on the top of the case. There should be plenty of ventilation for the front fan, with modder's mesh covering the entire front of the bezel. There is a mesh filter for the front fan, to help keep that filth from the interior of the case.

Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case

Open the case and we see more differences between the V9 and M9. Other than the PSU placement, the V9 has a more traditional interior, with a stationary hard drive bay rather than the M9's movable one, and traditional floppy bays.

There are four 5 1/4" external bays. Each bay cover is backed with foam, a further attempt at keeping dust out of your rig.

Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case
Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case

The V9 sports all new tool-free locks, the optical and hard drive locks are a new version of Thermaltake's excellent locks. The black lock with red knob add some color to the V9.

The HDD bay has a new twist too, like Thermaltake's full towers, the hard drives are installed with the cables facing the right side of the case. Thermaltake always has cable management in mind, and this gives your case a very clean look. It does make swapping drives a little of a pain, since you have to open both side panels to remove a drive, but cable management nearly always involves compromises. There are spaces for five hard drives.

Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case

As I mentioned, the V9 has bottom PSU mounting. I have had one case with a bottom-mounted power supply, and I really didn't care for having to mount the PSU with the fan pointed upwards, because the cables were too close to the left side panel. Thermaltake eliminates that problem by placing a vent on the bottom of the case allowing for mounting the power supply in the proper configuration. There is a course mesh filter covering the opening, probably more for keeping out creatures than dust.

Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case

Note this opening in the motherboard tray. The V9 will accommodate a thin 80mm fan placed between the mobo tray and right side panel, venting through the upper honeycomb venting. This is a very cool idea, considering that Asus' and Gigabyte's upper end gaming motherboards have heatsinks and/or MOSFETs on the rear of the motherboard. The venting allows for some significant airflow in an area where there is normally little to no air movement, and gives new justification to these heatsinks, which have previously been considered to provide nominal cooling at best. Even without a fan mounted here, the case is designed to provide for more airflow behind the motherboard than other cases. Notice the heatsinks on the rear of the Asus Striker II NSE, and the Gigabyte GA-X48-DOQ.

Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case

The rear of the case is pretty colorful, with the same red and black coloring. Thermaltake has some new PCI tool-free locking devices, we'll see a little later how well they work.

Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case Thermaltake V9 Gaming Case

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