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Zalman CNPS9300 AT CPU Cooler Review -


Product: Zalman CNPS9300 AT CPU Cooler
Date: October 7, 2008
Author: Greg Baden
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: Zalman
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This is the first Zalman CPU Cooler that I've had a chance to look at. I am very pleased with the fact of its small size and innovative design. I think that Zalman wants people to know about this and other CNSP products that products with the CNSP affix attached to it are a part "Computer Noise Prevention System (CNPS) " which are used for noiseless computers.

The CNSP9300 AT makes use of four heatpipes with only actually using two with the `figure 8' design. This Zalman CPU Cooler supports most every Intel and AMD CPU type that has been around in the past 10 years. The device would be composed of 100% pure copper if it weren't for the pure aluminum base cover.

A 92mm fan with Superflo bearings provide cooling for this CPU cooler. The fan is integrated right into the copper fin design of the cooler. The fan runs fairly quiet ranging from 20.0dBA ~ 30.0dBA +/- 10%, depending on the fan speeds ranging from 1,500rpm ~ 2,400rpm.

To actually see the `figure 8' heatpipe design it's best to get a different angle on it. Looking at the top and side view below you can see that the heatpipes run all the way around the edge of the copper fins. The entire fin design is unique in that it is not a constant flat surface on the edge, but rather an alternation between middle, high, low and back to the middle height again.

A back view of the CNPS9300 AT shows that the copper fin edges are slightly angled inward to the center of the fan. A back view shows the tunnel design in which the fan blows air through a closed space; that being the smaller area about the size of the fan, minus the fins. The PWM cable also exits out the rear of the cooler.

Since the cooler has a dual heatpipe design that represents four heatpipes there needs to be some differences in the pattern. Looking at the closest heatpipe, it is slightly angled through the copper fins so that it fits perfectly next to its original entrance on the fins giving its four heatpipe look. I really did think the CNPS9300 AT had four heatpipes when I first got a look at it; props to Zalman for the clever design.

The copper base, like I mentioned before is pure copper with a pure aluminum cover. The base is also highly polished to provide maximum cooling and contact between the heatsink and the CPU. I did notice that the polish on this Zalman CPU Cooler seemed to be a higher quality polish than that of others I have reviewed. I'm no expert on polishes, but I think a higher quality polish would provide lower CPU temperatures.

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