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ASRock AOD790GX/128M AMD 790GX Motherboard Review -


Product: ASRock AOD790GX/128M AMD 790GX Motherboard
Date: September 30, 2008
Author: Frank Stroupe
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: ASRock
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Testing - Gaming

For gaming I chose three DX10 games, Crysis, Call of Juarez, and PT Boats: Knights of the Sea, and also a DX9 game, Supreme Commander. Crysis and SupCom are both real resource hogs, and really work the CPU and Memory. Crysis, Call of Juarez, and PT Boats, prefer powerful video cards. On the DX10 games I used no AA, and lower settings to accommodate the lower end video card.

I had no real way to determine how much the Hybrid Graphics helped out the HD 4670. There is no way to "turn it off", so no way to isolate the HD 4670 alone on the system. My earlier testing of the 4670 was with it in a much more powerful system. Looking at the results, FPS was higher on some and lower on some. Considering that there were actually higher FPS on this system on any tests, I have to assume that Hybrid Graphics really works. Considering the non-scientific nature, I decided not to show the other results here.

For Crysis, I used the Crysis Benchmark Test by Boris Vergiza. Settings were: Medium, DX10, GPU test, no AA, 1680 x 1050.

I used the Call of Juarez standalone benchmark demo, settings were: Low, no AA, 1680 x 1050.

For PT Boats, I used the standalone benchmark. Settings were: Medium, no AA, 1680 x 1050.

I used the Supreme Commander onboard performance test. Not being a DX10 game, I was able to use some respectable settings: High, AA x 2, 1680 x 1050.

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