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ASUS GeForce EN9800GT 512MB Video Card Review -

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Product: ASUS GeForce EN9800GT 512MB Video Card
Date: September 21, 2008
Author: Frank Stroupe
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: ASUS
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A Closer Look

The Asus EN9800GT looks pretty much like your basic video card, with a couple of twists. The card is 9" long, the length of the 9600GT, HD 4850, and others, and should easily fit in most mid towers. It sports the Asus "Glaciator" heatsink, a nice fan/heatsink combination, with fins made of aluminum alloy.

Though far from a reference version, the card is clocked at the reference speeds, 600mHz/1800mHz.

Asus mentions on the cover of the box "Hybrid Power". The EN9800GT supports nVidia's Hybrid Power, part of Hybrid SLI, where there is a small GPU in the motherboard chipset that runs most simple 2D graphics, and works along with the primary GPU to add extra performance. Currently, this feature exists only on certain models of motherboards with the geForce 780a SLI chipset, but I expect it on nVidia's next Socket 775 chipset.

The 9800GT has 512MB of Samsung GDDR3 memory, clocked at 1800mHz. There are no ramsinks or other cooling, other than air blowing over the bare chips.

Output interfaces include dual DVI, and S-video. There is also an S/PDIF connector to provide HD Audio via HDMI cable.

There is a nice looking heatsink on the card's power supply, made of the same alloy as the GPU cooler. A strange addition to the card is a piezo speaker, the first I have ever seen on a video card. I couldn't find out exactly what it did, this card is not on Asus' site yet, and the manual disk has only instructions to use the included utilities. The only thing I could really want a speaker/buzzer on a video card is for overheating warnings.

The 9800GT has one 6-pin PCI-E power connector.

Included with the card is a DVI/Sub-15 adapter, a DVI/HDMI adapter, an S-video cable, a Molex/PCI-E power adapter, and an S/PDIF cable to connect to from the card to the motherboard to enable HD Audio via HDMI cable. Also included is a quick-install booklet, instructions for S/PDIF, driver disk, and a owner's manual disk.

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