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Rosewill Xtreme 630W Power Supply Review -

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Product: Rosewill Xtreme 630W Power Supply
Date: August 1, 2008
Author: Colin Dean
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: Rosewill
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First Looks

The Rosewill Xtreme 630W has nothing visually which sets it apart from other, competing power supply units-it would be extremely dull if it weren't for the inherent shininess of the metal exterior.

The outward-facing side has the informational label showing the Xtreme logo and the output of the quadruple 12V rails and others. The rear of the unit has a power switch and cable jack, as well as hexagonal grilling, which works in combination with the 120 mm fan on the bottom of the unit and slot vents on the front to provide extremely good airflow.

The Xtreme 630W does not provide the extremely versatile connectivity ThinkComputers has seen on recent power supplies, but then again, those units provide an extremely high, 1000W+ supply. Aside from the 20+4-pin motherboard connector and 4+4-pin CPU connector (EPS12V), The Xtreme 630W has one 6-pin PCI-Express connector, one 6+2-pin PCI-Express connector, six 4-pin device connectors, four SATA connectors, and a single floppy connector.

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