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Saitek Cyborg Laser Gaming Mouse Review -

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Product: Saitek Cyborg Laser Gaming Mouse
Date: May 22, 2008
Author: Greg Baden
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: Saitek
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Installation and Usage

Installation is very simple for the mouse, just pop in the CD and install the driver and software. It's not completely necessary to install the Saitek Profile Editor software unless you plan on configuring the buttons. It takes a while to install the software, mainly because you have to go through about 7 different installations, which are auto-prompted. I had this same problem whenever installing the same software before on another Saitek mouse, GM2400, that I previously reviewed.

The Saitek Profile Editor software allows you to change pretty much every button on the mouse to any configuration you desire, whether it's a single or multiple buttons.

Also included whenever you install the software is the Control Panel for the mouse. This allows you to change the length of the mouse, up to 15mm from default and the DPI, in increments of 200.

To first test the mouse I decided to try to get used to it because it was very different than what I was used to. I'm used to holding my mouse on a slight angle to the left, but I was unable to do this on the Cyborg because of the peak height of the mouse was in the way. I was unable to get full control of the mouse this way so I had to adjust. It took me about a day to actually get used to it.

I then started finding the perfect length of the mouse which would suffice my hands. I found that an extension of 5mm was perfect for me. I first tried using it on the default position, 0mm, but it couldn't fit my thumb between the two left wings on the mouse. The distance between the two was smaller than the thickness of my thumb and became very uncomfortable until I adjusted the length of the mouse.

After this I easily found a scrolling force that would fit, the default, first, position was perfect. The first position has the same, if not a little more force than most other mice and is great for everyday mouse use. The higher force levels would be better for gaming.

After getting all of my settings set I was able to start gaming. I played Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament 2004 mainly. The Hyperglide mouse feet helped keep mouse movements fast and smooth. I typically play on higher DPI settings, but found both high and low settings to perform well.

After restarting my computer for the first time with the Cyborg mouse plugged in I had some difficulties with trying to get it to work. After a while I realized that it just goes into standby mode, not sure why, after your computer is powered down. Just a mouse click and a couple seconds will get it up and working again.

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