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Product: Saitek Cyborg Laser Gaming Mouse
Date: May 22, 2008
Author: Greg Baden
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: Saitek
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The Saitek Cyborg Laser Gaming Mouse is a part of the Cyborg Range put out by Saitek. Other devices include a keyboard, rumble pad, 5.1 headset, and a command unit. Saitek explains more about the Cyborg Range,

"Cyborg: Games controllers designed so perfectly you won't know where you end and the hardware takes over. Controllers with reflexes as fast as your own. Controllers that fit you better than a glove. And which look so good that you'll want to show them off. The Saitek Cyborg range takes gaming performance to new levels, improving control, heightening the senses and helping you realize their true potential."

The Cyborg Mouse offers up to 3200 dpi with the ability to change the dpi in increments of 200. It also offers a motorized size adjustment so that it will fit perfectly in any size hand. Something interesting that I haven't seen any other mice is the fact that it has an adjustable scroll wheel which adjusts the strength of it.

There are a total of 10 adjustable buttons on this mouse so there is plenty of room for button adjustments. These buttons include 2 internet buttons (forward and back), left and right buttons, 4 way d-pad with center click as well, and the side wing button.

Starting off, the left and right mouse buttons are composed of a single piece of material. Both buttons extend a little over half the distance of the mouse when it is in the shortest position.

The mouse extends further in a triangular shape past the left of the mouse; mind you this is less than a quarter inch thick allowing you to place your thumb underneath it. Located on this piece is the mode button which will allow you to select between three different mouse configurations; this will be covered further later. Located at the base of this triangle is an "L" shaped button which is used for the forward and backward buttons on internet browsers.

Where this triangular figure ends another begins, except it is starting from the button of the mouse to perhaps an eighth of an inch up. On this wing is yet another button located at the tip. The rest of the wing is used as a thumb rest.

On the side of the mouse there is a d-pad which includes 5 buttons: up, down, left, right, and center. On the center of the d-pad there is a grip which helps you use the d-pad more efficiently. If this grip wasn't there it would be very difficult to use the up and down buttons unless you are someone with really, really small fingers. As I stated before this mouse does have a motorized extension to it. This part is located on the back of the mouse where we find a nice little logo of the Cyborg Range.

This video demonstrates the complete extension of the Cyborg Mouse, which can extend a total of 15mm from the default setting.

To adjust the scroll wheel force we need to look to the bottom of the mouse. Here there is a switch with 3 adjustments; the first position has the lightest force and increases with higher positions. Also on the bottom of the mouse we find 6 PTFE Hyperglide feet to ensure a smooth glide.

The Cyborg is a little bit wider than the Microsoft Habu which I currently use.

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