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Alienware Hangar18 HD Entertainment Center Review -

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Product: Alienware Hangar18 HD Entertainment Center
Date: May 19, 2008
Author: Bob Buskirk
Edited By: Jason Greiner
Provided By: Alienware
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Home theater PC's have become very popular lately. It seems almost everyone I know has been taking their old computers and turning them into media machines. Well what if you want the best media machine money can buy? The Alienware Hangar18 HD Entertainment Center could be just that. Alienware is mainly known for making gaming machines, so it will be interesting to see how they do on the Hangar18. The Hangar18 is an all-in-one media machine that can play DVD's or Blu-ray media, watch live TV, watch internet TV, listen to music, and share it all wirelessly. Let's check it out!


Recording Space: 480 movies or 2000 TV Shows or 960 hours (2TB)
High Definition Viewing: 1080p High definition video
HDMI Support: HDMI Cable
5.1 Channel Surround Sound: Hangar18 onboard sound amplifier
Premium Digital Audio Cables:
- Digital Coaxial Cable
- Digital Optical Cable
Premium Headphones: None
- AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+
- 4GB of memory
Wireless Compatibility: 802.11 b/g internal wireless
Gyration Remote: Yes
Wireless Keyboard: Gyration RF wireless keyboard
Warranty: 1-year AlienCare

Price: $3282.00


The Hangar18 came to us via FedEx and surprisingly the box that it came is was not much larger than their laptop boxes. Inside of the FedEx box you will find the Alienware box. Everything is nicely packed inside of the Alienware box. Inside you will find the Hangar18, wireless keyboard, and a box of accessories.

In the accessories box you will find everything you need to hook the Hangar18 up. It is all nicely organized in the accessories box. Inside you will find a remote, DVI to HDMI cable, S-video cable, optical cable, coaxial cable, RCA cables, HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, S-video to component adapter, VGA to HDMI adapter, DVI to VGA adapter, and 2 IR receivers.

With every Alienware system you get a nice binder with all of the information about you system, setup guide, welcome letter, etc. I really like that Alienware does this, makes you feel like you are buying something special, not any ordinary computer.

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