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ASUS P5K Pro Intel P35 Motherboard Review -


Product: ASUS P5K Pro Intel P35 Motherboard
Date: April 4, 2008
Author: Frank Stroupe
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: ASUS
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I really didn't know what to expect from an Asus economy motherboard. When you think economy board, you think a motherboard sharing little or nothing with more expensive offerings. In the Asus P5K Pro, I found a full-featured board that cut few corners. The P5K Pro sports nearly all of the features found on the P5K Deluxe.

Though the board is 1" shorter than its big brother, very few accommodations were made for it, mainly repositioning of some connectors, and a couple less SATA connectors. All of Asus' chipset and software features found on motherboards at twice the price are found on the Pro, the stuff that I really love about Asus motherboards, such as C.P.R., Asus Super Memspeed technology, Asus Q-Fan, and Asus CrashFree BIOS. The bundle contains most of the items found bundled with the Deluxe, including my favorite, the Asus Q-Connectors.

I found very little not to like about the P5K Pro. Some won't like the 24-pin connector's location. Others may find the six SATA connectors or the lack of external eSATA lacking.

The only real issue I found with the P5K Pro was overclocking. Unfortunately, I didn't try any overclocking before flashing the BIOS to the latest one, which was too new for me to find out if anyone else has had issues with it. I saw no other reason besides the BIOS to prevent a much higher overclock.

At $130, you aren't going to find a modern full-featured motherboard for much less. With Asus' 3 year warranty, I definitely find the P5K Pro a value. ThinkComputers awards the Asus P5K Pro Intel P35 Motherboard an 8 out of 10 score.


- Full-featured, Asus cut few corners with this economy motherboard
- 3 year warranty
- Priced right


- Some may find the six internal SATA ports and the lack of eSATA restrictive
- Board not that conducive to cable management due to positions of some connectors
- If overclocking problems are not due to 0904 BIOS, board is barely overclockable

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