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ASUS PG221 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Review -


Product: ASUS PG221 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor
Date: March 31, 2008
Author: Bob Buskirk
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: ASUS
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General Usage

When I first turned on the LCD the first thing I thought was wow the picture is very clear and bright. ASUS uses a type of glare coating, much like you will find on notebooks, they call it Color Shine. The glossy covering makes colors on the screen more vibrant and you can definitely tell. The picture quality on the Princeton VL2018W does not even compare to the ASUS PG221.

When you turn on the LCD a splash screen (much like a BIOS) will appear for a second and music will play. Once the LCD is powered on the touch-sensitive buttons will turn on, they are pretty self explanatory you have power, one thing that is cool is that the scroll bar in the center controls your volume. Slide your finger to the right and volume goes up, to the left and volume goes down. Also you will notice a bar of blue light coming from under the display. This is a really cool effect that ASUS calls Light-in-Motion. There are 5 different colors that coincide with 5 different sound settings.

The menu on the LCD has your typical options that most LCD's would have, but you also have some advanced options and you sound options are in the menu too. You can scroll through the different sound options by pressing the "note" button on the front of the display. There are 5 different SPLENDID video presents that can be changed via the "S" key on the front of the LCD. The 5 different modes are Standard, Scenery, Theater, Game, and Night View.

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