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Cooler Master Cosmos S Case Review -


Product: Cooler Master Cosmos S Case
Date: March 17, 2008
Author: Colin Dean
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: Cooler Master
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First Looks

I can't believe the size of this monstrosity, the Cooler Master Cosmos S. It's fairly light yet oh-so formidable-looking.

Unfortunately, there was some slight damage on one of the upper runner/handles. I'm not sure if this is Cooler Master's or UPS's fault. UPS is often my scapegoat, so I'll whip it as usual.

Starting with the front of the case, the top has a decorative, red "V" shaped emblem that somewhat resembles a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica. It would be really cool to see a mod which removes this section and replaces it with an oscillating red light. Consider that a challenge, folks.

There are 11 front bays, four of which are occupied by hard drives. That leaves seven drive bays for optical drives, fan controllers, card readers, LCDs, and other shenanigans. All of the drive bay covers are mesh metal for increased airflow. The hard drive cage is the only part of the front side which has a fan, but I'll cover that more in the Inside section.

On the topside of the case, one finds the power switch and front panel ports. The power switch is an induction switch, so only a warm finger (or paw) can operate it. There's not protection of it, so one must be very careful when touching the top of the case. It would probably be best for a user to set his or her operating system to prompt for an action resulting from a power button touch.

The ports are behind a sliding door. The door prevents dust from filling the ports. Each port has a label which is illuminated when the computer is on-pictures of this are in the Use section. There are four USB ports, audio jacks, a Firewire port, and an eSATA port. eSATA really needs a logo.

The topside also has a fan bay suitable for three 120 mm fans, one of which is included.

The right side (facing the case) is a solid, brushed metal piece. It, like the left side, pops off to allow for cable routing.

The left side, however, has a 200 mm fan which blows directly onto the video card. The side is meshed like the front drive bays for increased airflow. It also bears the Cosmos S logo, which feels like it was originally on a sports car-exactly Cooler Master's intention.

The rear is fairly usual, with the exception of the PSU placement at the bottom of the case. This seems to be a trend in high-end cases nowadays. There's more airflow at the bottom since the power supply fan can suck cooler air from the outside underneath the case instead of hot air from the processor below when the unit is placed above the motherboard. Unfortunately, the PSU fan is also a source of exhaust for the main chamber, so there's a greater need for an exhaust fan within the case.

The releases for the side panels are on the rear, too. They are simple levers which release the locked doors.

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