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Saitek Cyborg 5.1 Gaming Headset Review -


Product: Saitek Cyborg 5.1 Gaming Headset
Date: March 7, 2008
Author: Frank Stroupe
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: Saitek
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I spent the better part of a day with the Cyborg Headset on, yes, I definitely had some ear fatigue, mainly because I haven't used headphones in a while, but the top of my head and my outer ears weren't sore or even irritated. It was a very pleasing experience. I spent another couple of hours the next day with the same results.

The Saitek Cyborg 5.1 Gaming Headset makes for an excellent listening experience. They are light and comfortable. The earpads are comfortable and removable for washing. The 6" cable lets you find a comfortable position, and the inline controls allow for volume adjustment anytime, rather than using your O/S volume controls.

They work very well for listening to music. The 5.1 effect helps you pinpoint your opponents and take care of them or sneak past them, whatever be the case. The storage case is an excellent addition, and probably would help sell me on the headset even if they weren't quite of as high a quality as they are.

I didn't find a single thing about the Cyborg Headset I didn't like.

There still aren't that many 5.1 headsets on the market, and they run from $70 to $150. The Cyborg Headset runs about $80, which puts them on the lower end of the price scale. I have the most expensive ones, and both work equally as well, so I'd have to consider the Saitek Cyborg Headset a definite value. ThinkComputers gives the Saitek Cyborg 5.1 Gaming Headset a 10 out of 10 score.


- Light and comfortable
- 6' cable
- Excellent sound quality
- Surround effect works as well as 5.1 headsets costing much more


- None

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