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Meizu M6 Mini Player Review -


Product: Meizu M6 Mini Player
Date: November 10, 2007
Author: Frank Stroupe
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: Brando
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To check things out, I download some photos, and a video that I converted from .mpg to .avi with the converter. It took about a minute to convert the maybe five minute video.

Once again, the player defaults to the last song loaded. I click the "back" button a few times to go to the main menu.

Clicking "Music" takes you to another menu, with choices like "All Songs", "Playlists", "Artists", etc, various ways that your music is sorted. Under "Playlists" there are instructions for setting up your playlists, so I won't go into that here. Select the song you want to hear, click enter, and you go to the song screen. From here you can change the volume by touching the control and sliding your finger up or down. Clicking the right or left button will change the song to the one before or after on the list.

I found the M6 to have excellent sound quality. I really didn't care for the earbuds, besides not particularly liking earbuds anyway; I felt that they were a little large. My ears generally are not shaped to comfortably wear earbuds, but they did fit well enough that they didn't fall out.

Clicking the "Photos" from the main menu will take you to the Photos menu, where you can choose "All Photos" or settings to set up a slideshow. Select a photo, it comes up. Pressing the side buttons moves you around your photos.

The "Videos" menu is similar. Once the video starts, you can navigate around the video with the left and right buttons. The video resolution is amazing. I had considered such a small screen pretty silly, but maybe not. The video has to end before you can go back to the menu, but just use the right button to quickly get to the end.

There is a "Sound Effects" menu, with bass and treble boost, a spatializer, and EQ. I couldn't tell that the first three did anything, but the EQ worked fine. There are several presets, I liked the "Live" one best for all of the music I downloaded.

There are several places to go to from the main menu, but I'll leave it at that.

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