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Rosewill R5605-BK Case Review -


Product: Rosewill R5605-BK Case
Date: November 8, 2007
Author: Greg Baden
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: Rosewill
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Inside the Case

The first thing I noticed whenever I opened up the case was the purple box located I the hard drive bays. I first wondered what the heck it was until I read the label "Accessory Box". Inside of that box we find some components: User manual, ten hard drive rails plus thread-less screws, eight 5 rails, plus some other case screws. Now if you're like me you probably wouldn't use most of those rails so the box would come in handy. However, it sort of blocks the front fan from allowing any air to pass through that region. If it bothers you just remove it and toss your stuff in some other box.

The inside of the case has a comparable size to most other cases: not too little room and not too much room; it's just right. A neat little feature of this case is the raised motherboard standoff. This way you wouldn't have to install the copper motherboard standoffs that you would typically install. Now this feature is only applicable to ATX motherboards.

Towards the front of the case we find five HDD bays, facing outward, four 5.25" bays, and one 3.5" bay.

Located at the rear of the case is a 120mm fan to help cool the case. Also the power supply bay and the PCI slots with a screw-less design feature that I will discuss more about later on in the review.

You'll also find your standard case and front panel cables dangling down from the top of the case.

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