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Sunbeam Tuniq 3 Mid-Tower Case Review -


Product: Sunbeam Tuniq 3 Mid-Tower Case
Date: November 3, 2007
Author: Frank Stroupe
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: Tuniq
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A Closer Look

The Tuniq 3 is a standard-sized mid-tower case, but that is pretty much all that is typical about it. The front of the case is a sheet of brushed aluminum, I'm guessing 3mm thick. Rather than buffed like stainless steel, it has a texture. The Tuniq logo is deeply engraved right below the stealth door.

The bezel itself is made of heavy plastic, with the aluminum firmly attached by screws. The aluminum makes the door somewhat heavy, but the hinges look rugged enough to handle it, with some care. The door is held shut by magnets, which hold it pretty well. The case control wiring runs through the lower door hinge.

The power and reset buttons, along with the power and HDD LEDs are on top of the door, so the case is configured to be placed under your desk. Though I keep my rig on my desk, I am not so lazy that I can't rise out of the chair to push them. On the lower left side of the bezel are two USB ports, headphone jack, and mic jack. Also, notice the front fan vents. There are 10 of these on each side. That should be plenty of ventilation for the front fan.

This particular model has a side window. Looking at the Tuniq website, the black and silver Tuniq 3s don't, and there is also a silver/black model like this one without the side window. The Freezing Storm I reviewed had the same window, and I really liked it.

The side window covers about 2/3 of the side panel, which I like, since I don't spend a lot of time performing wire management. It is held in place by eight screws.

The window has fan perforations to accommodate a few different fan options. You can place either a 120mm or 80mm fan at CPU level, or a 120mm fan at video card level. The fan mounting holes are designed so that the fan will be about " above the window surface, ensuring no fan starvation to help with wind noise. With the Freezing Storm, I placed a 120mm fan in the lower position, to give a little extra fresh air to my passive chipset cooler.

Next, we come to the most unique feature of the Tuniq 3, the case feet. The feet run along the entire length of the case, and each one has a Sunbeamtech CCFL mounted inside of it. As I mentioned, Sunbeamtech got their start producing excellent CCFLs. I am glad to see them finally integrating those lights into their cases. There are perforations down the sides of the feet.

The rear of the case is fairly typical, with a 120mm fan opening, with nice large honeycomb openings. There are perforations in the PCI expansion slot area, to give additional cooling to the GPU.

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