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SteelSeries SX Mousepad Review -


Product: SteelSeries SX Mousepad
Date: July 17, 2007
Author: Greg Baden
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: SteelSeries
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The first game that I tested was Counter-Strike Source. I am not the greatest player, but I did notice a difference in my gameplay. My shots became more accurate and my movements became more precise. I tested this on both low and high DPI's. Even though I'm used to a high DPI I felt comfortable whenever tested on low. It was easy to make smooth, quick turns and to be accurate. This pad might entice me to switch to low DPI settings instead of my accustomed high DPI.

The second game I used was Unreal Tournament 2004. I came across no problems while testing these two games. The smooth surface plus the Teflon feet on my mouse provided very accurate and precise gaming.

I used this mousepad for about a week and I really didn't come across any major problems with it. However, I did notice that the mousepad was very cold at times, not like this was a bad thing, and it felt relaxing after gaming for a while. After playing for extended periods of time I also noticed that there was a buildup of condensation where my hand would rest on the mousepad. This is because of the hot hands and the cold surface. An example of this would be like cold can of pop on a warm day. Whenever you take that can out of the cooler and let it sit for a little bit, after you have cracked it open to take a sip, it starts to sweat. Yes inanimate objects really do have attributes of human beings. Not really, just kidding. Anyways back to the point, the mousepad sweats after hardcore gaming. I didn't really find this a problem, but it could be for others.

While using the pad I did notice that it shows fingerprints very easily. I suppose that is why they have a cloth to wipe down your Steelseries SX.


The Steelseries SX sure has impressed me on many standards. The sleek surface is perfect for hardcore gamers who need that extra bit of precision. This mousepad is flawless when it comes to precision. The quality of precision is not dependent on the Steelseries SX, but upon the users guiding it. This mousepad however is not fit for everybody. It was designed for hardcore gamers. With a whopping price tag of $59.95 it is surely not meant for everybody, just the ones who will find it useful for them. Think Computers gives the Steelseries SX Professional Gaming Surface a 9 out of 10 and our Editors Choice Award.


- Flawless surface for precision gaming
- Includes Glide MS mouse feet and lint free cloth
- Medium size, perfect for the desktop
- Rubber base
- Sleek look


- Expensive
- Cold and can get "sweaty" at times
- Easily spot fingerprints

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