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Product: Antec P182 PC Case
Date: June 18, 2007
Author: Colin Dean
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: Antec
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Final Thoughts

The Antec P182 is a big case, and by case, I mean literally and figuratively (another double entendre!).

Physically, the P182 is a beast. It's got plenty of room in it for all the drives you could possibly need. However, the PSU chamber needs to be bigger. Wires were hitting off of the fan inside the chamber and I really didn't like have to remove the left side of the case to remove the PSU noise dampening cage (that's really what it is). The weight of the P182 is also a double-edged sword: it cools well, but it's very unwieldy and difficult to move around. Handles might help.

Figuratively, it needs some work. I know that Antec doesn't purport the P182 to be a tool-less case, but its inclusion of thumbscrews alludes to it. Antec at least should choose either all thumbscrews or no thumbscrews. Removing the left side to put in a new PSU is a pain, but how often do people replace a PSU? Rarely. The left side should still have thumbscrews.

I really appreciate drive rails. Rails, whether or not they're tool-less, are worth a whole point because they're handy and make drive insertion/swapping easier. The drive cages are also very, very spiffy. However, the rails are very, very visible in the 5.25" cage. It looks a little tacky.

All around the P182 is a pretty decent case worthy of a build that will be stationary-no LAN parties or constant exchanging of parts. Its noise dampening features are top-notch and the airflow is pretty solid. It's definitely a water-cooling case, though. I'd bet that someone could use the P182 to make a silent PC. ThinkComputers gives the Antec P182 PC Case a 8 out of 10 score.


- Heaviness makes it hard to steal ;-)
- Very quiet operation
- Very good airflow
- Screw box might be the neatest thing ever
- Internal 3.5" bay cages are dreamy
- Very, very sturdy construction
- Tube holes for water-cooling


- No motherboard tray
- Heaviness makes it hard to move at all
- Power supply placement is difficult to work with non-modular PSUs
- 5.25" bay covers are difficult to remove (fortunately only must be done once)

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