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Product: Antec P182 PC Case
Date: June 18, 2007
Author: Colin Dean
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: Antec
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I first installed the motherboard. No hitches there. It was a little hard to hold back the top and rear fan cords and the front panel cords and slip it in there, but I think that's just because I didn't tuck away one of them beforehand.

I then realized I have to take off the left side of the case in order to undo the power supply cage. I don't like that because the left side doesn't have thumbscrews! Here's the other thing about the power supply cage: it's just a vibration cage. It serves no other purpose than to hold the PSU in tighter with its rubberized pads. Don't get me wrong-it's a good purpose, but I shouldn't have to take off the other side of the case to put in the PSU when that's the only reason to take it off.

Now that I had the power supply in place, I see a few problems since I don't have a modular power supply. First, routing those cables was hell. Second, there's nowhere to store the unused cables. I couldn't put them under the PSU-not enough room and it would block the PSU fan. I couldn't leave them in the PSU chamber-they'll hit against the PSU chamber fan and destroy themselves or the fan.

On top of all of that, the motherboard cable was just barely long enough to connect to the connector on the top of the motherboard. I think most modern manufacturers now put them towards the middle of the motherboard, but older boards have them at the top. I'm not going to be able to put on the fan that goes with my Zalman Flower HSF.

I then installed a hard drive in the upper internal cage. I noticed when installing the cage that there is a screw box on the hidden side of the cage. Neat! You could store screws in there...or other things.

Next was the optical drive. I had to remove the metal behind the placeholder bezels before I could put anything in. I don't know why manufacturers leave that crap there. Everyone just takes it out, and half of the people end up getting cut while doing it. It's almost an extra pound of metal that get shipped then tossed out. Not efficient. Most manufacturers at least put a hole in it so that one can stick a screwdriver in there to pull them out, but not Antec. I didn't draw blood, but I do have a pretty good scrape. Nothing abnormal here, folks.


The fans aren't too loud, surprisingly, even on their highest settings. There's no lights on the fans, either. The case is pretty tight and quiet. There's nothing worth seeing here, folks-no windows to see through while the computer is on.

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